SSSG Notes June 6, 2017

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Canada 150 celebrations canada
On Saturday, June 10, all SSSG students are invited to participate in 150 Strong at the GYMC. The event will have many opportunities for SSSG students to perform.  This event will be done in collaboration with the GYMC and Guelph Youth Singers. The event will run all day and feature performances from more that 150 young Canadians, James Gordon, and Relative Harmony (barn dancing anyone?). There will be free food to snack on, and even face painting! 
Warm-ups and rehearsals will be from 11 am to 12:45, there will be a rehearsal in the Navy League building attached to the GYMC. The rehearsal schedule will be out shortly.


Performance Schedule:

11:30 to 12:15
Fiddling with Relative Harmony. Please will be dancing while you play. Judy Greenhill will be the caller on that day and will instruct people on the dance moves to do. Lots of fun! Fiddling repertoire for this is as follows:
Mussels in the Corner
Pretty Little Mary
Boston Laddie
Dr. Kielly O
Auntie Mary
(Maybe Mrs. Daly's Dance Tune if time)

Anyone who knows how to play these tunes and would like to join the group should sign-up on the following doodle poll:

1:15 to 2 pm:
SSSG group class performance. We will be performing Canada 150/O Canada as we did for the Spring Concert. Depending of numbers of available players, we will also perform the pieces that were played by the various group classes at the Spring concert. Your group class teacher will send you a link to the doodle poll to participate in this part of the day.

2:30 to 3 pm: 
Song of Our City by James Gordon. This is an arrangement for string and choir of this popular song by James Gordon. The arrangement is by Ken Gee. The following group classes are invited to participate: 
Violin: Perlman, Ehnes, Benedetti
Viola: Primrose, Bashmet
Cello: Matz, Bacchianas

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a rehearsal with the choir on Wednesday, June 7 from 7 pm to 8 pm at Dublin United Church, 
68 Suffolk St W, Guelph 
Here is the link to sign-up:

So we have an idea of who will be participating from each group class, please click your group class link below to sign-up for Canada 150/O Canada and your group class performance.

Benedetti (Carmen):

Crow (Carmen):

Mullova (Carmen): 

Lauzière (Elayne):

Ehnes (Elayne):

Dubeau (Elayne):

Nosky (Joy):

Gomyo (Paule):

Isserlis (Amber):

Bacchianas (Amber):

Concert attire:
Senior students-all black
Junior students-white tops & black bottoms
* All with red accents (like in the Spring Show)

Looking for SSSG parents and/or teen volunteers to help at this event.  Please visit the following doodle poll to sign up:

1) Instrument Petting Zoo

2) Face Painting

3) Stage Crew 

Thanks for lending a hand!

Suzuki Early Childhood Education Workshops ce
The Suzuki String School of Guelph is proud to announce that on  Saturday, June 10 , we will be offering two Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) workshops at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. This will give you a taste of the new program we will be launching in the fall. SECE is a program similar to Music Moves where children and their parents explore musical concepts together. SECE specialist Kelly Williamson will be joined by Suzuki teacher Carmen Eavans in the delivery of these workshops.

Admission is free and each class is open to children from 0-3 years old, accompanied by an adult. Space will be limited to 12 children per class. Please click the link below to reserve a space either at  10:30 am  or  12 pm
For more information about SECE please go to:

Music educators: 
 Carmen Evans 
 Kelly Williamshon