SSSG Notes March 26,  2020

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D ear SSSG families,
Please join us in a saying a heartfelt thank you to Janet Johnson, our administrative assistant.  After serving in the position for five and a half years, Janet has decided to focus her time on other challenges.  Janet has helped us keep in touch with nearly 200 weekly Notes, organized the efforts of our 120+ volunteers, co-ordinated 11 school concerts at the River Run Center, countless recitals at the GYMC, and kept us organized through five seasons of registrations, scheduling, and graduations.  We wish you the best in your future endeavours!
We would like to introduce you to and welcome our new administrator, Lynda Hester.  Lynda is a marketing and communications professional with a wealth of business and corporate experience.  She has up-to-date knowledge of the digital landscape, strong relationship and leadership skills, and a talent for communicating information clearly, accurately, and simply.  She currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra.  We look forward to having Lynda help us strengthen our musical connections!

Paule and Marius
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant
Despite COVID 19 co
  1. Thank you from your teachers: to all the SSSG parents who have jumped into this new world of online lessons and are working with us to make the most of the situation and keep everyone making music and feel connect, thank you! The wide majority of our parents have joined us on this journey unless technical or life circumstances made it impossible. We are so grateful for your openness and flexibility. Please give your teachers feedback and your ideas for making things better. We are all learning together and we are keen to hear your feedback. 
  2. Ideas for keeping the music going during the COVID-19 social distancing period (include picture attached here)  
    Students, the internet is a great way to stay socially connected during this challenging time. Musicians can play for each other, make videos of their playing and share them on the internet or with family and friends, make a video call to an isolated relative to play a piece of music for them, and more. This is our gift to the world. Please share a picture of what you do as a musician to comfort others and connect with people around you.  Here is a lovely picture from the Orear family. They are participating in Carmen Evan's Review Club. From left to right: Carmen (on the computer), Thomas, James, Simon and Amy, their mom.
  3. Calling on all Suzuki students to send us your videos of home performances for upload on the SSSG YouTube channel. This is your chance to become famous! As long as you are OK with us sharing your recording publicly on the web, we would be happy to share it. There will be more about this in next week's edition of SSSG Notes. Meanwhile, if you are interested, start preparing a polished piece for this project.
  4. Are you looking for free concerts to watch online?
Here are two links to websites that list orchestras, concert series and opera houses who are offering free online concerts:
When individual lessons resume, your teacher will be offering online instruction until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Please go to the new online learning page on our web site for more information and help setting up the video instruction:

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