SSSG Notes May 14,  2020

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Play it safe! Making music despite COVID-19  
Showcase your creativity!
Enjoy free online events from around the world.  
Dear SSSG families,
Happy Victoria Day! Or as we often say in these parts Happy Two-Four! I like the latter version because, by chance, May 24th is also my birthday.  
When I was little, my mother told me that, because she had her little girl, she watched the fireworks from her hospital room. That translated in my young mind to the fact that the point of the fireworks, in fact the whole holiday, was to celebrate my very existence.  
After a several years of blissful egomania I, of course, all too soon realized the holiday had been happening for a hundred or more years before I came on the scene. Needless to say, I was not amused.
My adult brain recognizes that May 24 is an important date for all sorts of uniquely Canadian reasons - opening cottages, breaking out the mosquito repellent and planting annuals.  
But as we know, the lessons learned young are powerful ones. So on some secret - or not so secret - level I admit I still kind of think the celebrations are all because of me.  
This year Victoria Day may be a bit different for all of us. But the forecast is warmer, and we all made it though a lingering winter. Enjoy the long weekend. You're welcome! :) 

Lynda Hester
Suzuki String School of Guelph
Registration for 2020-2021 is now open! 

If you want to take advantage of the grocery card program, just choose the amount you would like to buy on the form. The total will be included in your total amount payable.

The deadline for registrations is May 31. We will be sending out invoices in July. Please wait until you have received your invoice to submit your payment.

Thank you to all of you who have already registered!  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know at
Zoom 5.0 Upgrade  
On May 30, Zoom is updating its GCM Encryption, and all clients will be required to upgrade before joining a meeting. 
Having to update at the last minute at the start of a lesson will use up valuable lesson time. Please do this update as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 
Here is the link to the Zoom download. 
Teen Mentoring May 24 
The Teen Mentoring ("Practice Buddy") course originally scheduled for May 3 will now occur on Sun, May 24, 1pm-5:30pm.
The course will be held on Zoom. Elayne will send you the sign in information before the class.  
Please let Elayne Ras know (  if you are interested in taking the course. The cost is $60 payable to the SSSG by mailing in a cheque.
Show everyone how you're keeping the music going
Share the creative way you are making music while staying safe at home.
Thanks to Heather Fleming and her travelling quintet!  
My kids aren't doing much performing these days, but 4 friends and I went to Guelph Lake Commons last week Sunday afternoon and serenaded the residents!  
We called ourselves the Social Distancing Quintet and sang outside their balconies and terraces from a safe distance!  It brought the residents great joy to hear us and it did our souls much good as well!
Here are some pics and a very windy video clip.
Send your pics to  
Talented tributes to front line workers
SSSG student Sreenivas Pillai plays
Happy Farmer and Minuet 1 in thanks to the front line workers.
SSSG student Sree Pillai plays Etude by Shinichi Suzuki in thanks to our front line workers  
Excellent job guys. Bravo! 
Send your content for posting on FaceBook  
We have been posting lots of short videos on FaceBook that you can watch with your children and brighten your days.
Visit us on Facebook . Like our page, and you will see our posts in your newsfeed.   
Submit a performance for YouTube 
Calling all students to submit performances to be posted on the SSSG YouTube Channel.  
How to record your video: No need for fancy equipment! Just use your phone or your camera. Record at a lower resolution to ensure the file isn't too big: 1080p HD 30fps is a good video setting for this purpose.
How to submit your video:
  1. Fill out our submission form
  2. Upload your video to our COVID-19 Performance Dropbox

Organizations around the world are being wonderfully creative in offering new ways to enjoy all types of events online.
The Georgian Bay Symphony have adapted and moved the last two concerts of their season online.