SSSG Notes May 21,  2020

In This Issue:
Play it safe! Making music despite COVID-19  
Showcase your creativity!
Enjoy free online events from around the world.  
Flowers are all courtesy of my father's green thumb. Alas, I did not inherit that gene!

Dear SSSG families,
Wow! The sun is shining and it is warm. Not tepid or balmy or "not freezing". Undeniably and definitely warm - like short sleeves and no socks warm. 
Was is really only days ago that there were hearty snowflakes swirling around our heads? It certainly seems unlikely today but it was, indeed, the case.  
How quickly the world can change. We hear a lot these days about living in the moment and being present.  
Hard times will pass. And summer days are to be savoured because they won't last forever either.  
But it can be tough. We worry about the future. Even when we  have no power to change it.   
I try and take my cue from Mother Earth. The flowers were in bud, and then covered in snow. But they knew better days were ahead and just kept on keepin' on. 
Now they can enjoy the sun and the warm breeze. And I think I will go out and do the same!
Lynda Hester
Suzuki String School of Guelph
Registration for 2020-2021 opened last week. Thank you to all of those who have already sent in their information!
The deadline for registrations is May 31 so that we can begin scheduling.  
We will be sending out invoices in July. Please wait until you have received your invoice to submit your payment.

TIP - A full time student is anyone registering for the program for the year, even in they have been registered previously.

If you don't choose yes to this question, you will not get the screens you need to enter the information that we need for each student.

We have tried to simplify the form as much as possible, but we are collecting quite a bit of information.

If you have questions or suggestions for next year, please don't hesitate to let me know at
Solo recitals are May 30 and June 6
Solo recitals this year will be held online and are open to family and friends.  
Performers will submit a recording. If you are signed up to play on a recital, your teacher will give you all the information you need to upload your video.
During the recital, the host will share the screen and unmute the audience for well-deserved applause.  
Thanks to everyone for being flexible and creative. We will post more details soon.   
Teen Mentoring (Practice Buddy) Postponed  
The Practice Buddy course which was scheduled for May 24 is being postponed until the end of June.  
It will likely be spread over two sessions. Keep any eye on this space for more details.
Remember to upgrade  
On May 30, Zoom is updating its GCM Encryption, and all clients will be required to upgrade before joining a meeting. 
Having to update at the last minute at the start of a lesson will use up valuable lesson time. Please do this update as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 
Here is the link to the Zoom download. 
Show everyone how you're keeping the music going
Share the creative way you are making music while staying safe at home.
Send your pics to 
Another hilarious episode in the Intru-ment!
This episode of The Instrument is guaranteed to delight all, with the possible exception of sopranos, anyone who loves apple juice and particularly sopranos who love apple juice and are afraid of spiders. 
Bravo Kira and Daev Mulholland  
Alumni Miranda Mulholland Celebrates World Fiddle Day
She celebrates by playing her tune " charity kiss".    
Send your content for posting on FaceBook  
We have been posting lots of short videos on FaceBook that you can watch with your children and brighten your days.
Visit us on Facebook . Like our page, and you will see our posts in your newsfeed.   
Submit a performance for YouTube 
Calling all students to submit performances to be posted on the SSSG YouTube Channel.  
How to record your video: No need for fancy equipment! Just use your phone or your camera. Record at a lower resolution to ensure the file isn't too big: 1080p HD 30fps is a good video setting for this purpose.
How to submit your video:
  1. Fill out our submission form
  2. Upload your video to our COVID-19 Performance Dropbox

Organizations around the world are being wonderfully creative in offering new ways to enjoy all types of events online.
The Georgian Bay Symphony have adapted and moved the last two concerts of their season online.