SSSG Notes May 28,  2020

In This Issue:
Play it safe! Making music despite COVID-19  
Showcase your creativity!
Enjoy free online events from around the world.  
Dear SSSG families,
Human beings amaze me. We are such incredibly adaptable creatures.  
I was watching Netflix last night and I was feeling oddly uncomfortable with what I was seeing. I laughed when I realized why.
They were all in a restaurant socializing and they were all seated too close together!  
I have obviously internalized the need to physical distance. How wonderful is that? I'm pleased my brain will absorb new routines that quickly even at my, er ... more mature age.  
Will the new norm be more space between tables in restaurants? I like that. What about the handshake? Is it the thing of the past?  
When you think about it, the handshake came about as a gesture to show your hands held no weapon. It does seem an odd way to judge the character of a person.  
Will our children use a courteous nod instead? Fist bump? Thumbs up? I admit, I wouldn't miss the handshake.  
But I do miss hugging my friends. A virtual hug just isn't the same. What if we held our breath? I'd be ok with that!
In the meantime, hug 'em if you can!  

Lynda Hester
Suzuki String School of Guelph
Just a friendly reminder.

Registration for 2020/2021 is in full swing, and we have received quite a few submissions. Thank you to everyone who has already registered!

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to register, the deadline is fast approaching. It's important we receive all the information we need from each family by May 31.
We can then begin our scheduling and develop customized timetables for each of you.
Although the due date for registrations is May 31, there is no requirement to pay right away. Invoices will be mailed in July. Please wait until you have received your invoice to submit your payment.
We have tried to simplify the form as much as possible, but we are collecting quite a bit of information.

If you have questions or suggestions for next year, please don't hesitate to let me know at
Solo recitals are May 30 and June 6
Solo recitals are Saturday and Tuesday. Families of the performers will receive a link soon to share with friends and family!  
Remember to upgrade  
On May 30, Zoom is updating its GCM Encryption, and all clients will be required to upgrade before joining a meeting. 
Having to update at the last minute at the start of a lesson will use up valuable lesson time. Please do this update as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 
Here is the link to the Zoom download. 
Show everyone how you're keeping the music going
Share the creative way you are making music while staying safe at home.
Alexis (cello) and Georgia (violin) Moller sharing their music with the world.
 Way to go Alexis! 
Great job Georgia! 
Send your pics to 
One of our groups had a few pieces all ready to perform before we moved online-so we've put one of them together to share with you! Please enjoy   'The Bored Tiger'.
Wonderful job Antonio, Eden, Erica, Olin, Ryan, Sam and Vera!  
Send your content for posting on FaceBook  
Visit us on Facebook . Like our page, and you will see our posts in your newsfeed.   
Submit a performance for YouTube 
Calling all students to submit performances to be posted on the SSSG YouTube Channel.  
How to record your video: No need for fancy equipment! Just use your phone or your camera. Record at a lower resolution to ensure the file isn't too big: 1080p HD 30fps is a good video setting for this purpose.
How to submit your video:
  1. Fill out our submission form
  2. Upload your video to ourCOVID-19 Performance Dropbox

Organizations around the world are being wonderfully creative in offering new ways to enjoy all types of events online.
On Friday, the Royal Opera House will make the full production of the ballet The Cellist free for streaming.   

The Orchestre classique de Montréal and I Musici de Montréal have  
collaborated on a video performance of a duet by 
Charles-August de Bériot, performed by their two concertmasters.
T he Georgian Bay Symphony have adapted and moved the last two concerts of their season online.