SSSG Notes May 5, 2017

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Dear SSSG families,

A big congratulations to all for a beautiful, dynamic Spring Concert on Sunday!

Please know that all SSSG 2017/18 registrations are now past due (see details below).

Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant

SSSG Spring Concert-Thank yous!! thank
A huge thank you to all the students and teachers for an amazing concert last Sunday!!

The Canada 150 piece came off beautifully! David Evenchick did a brilliant job rehearsing and conducting this work with minimal rehearsal time. Bravo! 
David Jones, the composer of Canada 150/O Canada said: " thanks so much for including me in this project and in the concert on Sunday  - I was really pleased about Canada 150/O Canada & there were so many great elements in the concert [the dance & the hockey commentating were so great - not to mention the playing... really excellent] "

We were the first group to perform this piece but Suzuki schools throughout the country will be playing it during the course of this year. What a great way to be united in music. Recordings of all the performances will be posted on YouTube as they are available and you will receive links to them as they get posted.

Each group class shone with beautiful, polished playing and delightful pieces. Parents, thank you for supporting us with the preparation of all this new repertoire! Teachers, thank you for selecting such a wonderful variety of music and preparing the students to play so beautifully!

Thank you to Caroline MacDonald for the great emceeing. We learned so many interesting facts about all these pieces and composers! Dorothy Vreeswyk-Kidd, thank you for such an inspirational speech at the end of the concert. We were all so touched by your beautiful words.

Janet Johnson, thank you for your coordination of the chaperones! Chaperones, you were amazing! We could never pull off these concert without your help! 

Walter Schajnoha and all the VIP event volunteers, thank you so much for organizing such a great event for families interested in joining the school next year. The upstairs balcony looked fabulous and the participants were really pleased with their experience.

Thank you to Pete Zettle, Len deVlaming and all the stage crew members for an awesome job in staging the concert and keeping things moving smoothly!

Thank you to the River Run Centre staff for being so professional and welcoming. They make it so easy for us to feel at home and comfortable and give our best performance. Thank you!

Guiding students to independent learning Discussiondis
Parent discussion "Guiding students to independent learning"
 As another busy and productive year at the SSSG begins to wind down, we would like to invite Suzuki parents and teachers to join us for an informal discussion on Saturday, May 6th at the GYMC from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm to discuss your and your child's practice experiences this year. We are researching the practice needs of students, parents, and teachers and welcome your input. It's an opportunity to share successes and challenges, to ask questions, and to discuss practice strategies for your child.
  There will be a selection of treats and refreshments. If you can join us, please RSVP by replying to no later than Friday, May 5. We hope to see you there!
 Paule Barsalou (artistic director)
Christie Zimmer (Suzuki parent and Guided Journals for Insight and Action) 

SSSG Registration 2017/18 reg
SSSG Registration for 2017/18 is due May 1
Please find the link to the SSSG 2017-18 registration below:

*Please note that we are now offering online single or monthly payments.  
Cheques can be dropped off the file folder at the GYMC: Janet Johnson assistant administrator.

Please know:
No lessons will be scheduled before we receive your registration and payment as well as paid off any overdue balance owing on your String Shop account.
Thanks for your diligence.
SSSG Bursary & Scholarship application process sch
I SSSG Bursary Fund
The SSSG has a Bursary Fund to assist students in financial need. Applications for assistance are reviewed by a committee that is independent of the school.
  • Bursary application forms can be downloaded using the link below.
  • Bursary assistance is dependent on the availability of bursary money and on the family's financial need.
  • NEW: Bursaries are open to first year students.
  • Deadline for bursary application submission is May 29th. Response to request will be made no later than June 30th. 

II Iris Tryon Memorial Scholarship
Iris Tryon's love for music is the founding reason for the creation of this memorial scholarship in her name. Through this scholarship, may the gift of music, which she shared with each of her students over her lifetime of teaching, continue beyond it. 

"Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent."  Victor Hugo 

The Iris Tryon Memorial Scholarship is a bursary for full tuition for one school year.
Two categories:
  1. Students who have been in the school for 5 or more years
  2. Students who have been in the school for 1 to 4 years 
The criteria for each category is as follows:
1. Students who have been in the school for 5 or more years
  • Essay written by the student about what their music lessons means to them.
  • Letter of recommendation from the teacher. 
  • Proof of financial need (preceding year income-tax report) and letter from parent explaining the need.
2. Students who have been in the school for 1 to 4 years
Deadline to apply: post mark May 29

Please mail your application to:
Tracy Jewell
Suzuki String School of Guelph
75 Cardigan St.
Guelph, ON
N1H 3Z7

A warm welcome to Canada Summer Jobs recipient, Audrey Palmer-Steinhauser a
A warm welcome to SSSG alumni Audrey Palmer Steinhauser.  Audrey has been awarded a Canada summer jobs grant to assist with SSSG administration and programming.  We will tthroughally enjoy having Audrey's contributions this summer! 

String Workshops in kindergartenskin
One of Audrey's tasks is to organize String Workshops in kindergartens around the city this spring.

We would like the SSSG students at the schools where we go to help present the workshops.

The workshop includes the following:

·      A show and tell activity given by SSSG students demonstrating the workings and identifying the major components of string instruments 

·       A Q&A session 

·      A performance by SSSG students accompanied by the Audrey 

·      An instrument "Petting zoo" 

·       A colouring activity related to music 

·       The reading of a story related to music 

Paule will be calling on our students to join Audrey in presenting these workshops to kindergarteners!

Grocery Cards-why buy? GC
Why support the SSSG fundraising by purchasing Grocery Cards?
  • We have cards from Loblaws that will work at any Loblaws store. This includes No Frills, Zehrs, and Superstore to name a few
  • Cards are worth their exact value, ie if you buy one for $50, you now have $50 that you can spend at the store
  • The SSSG receives %5 of the cost of the card, and that money goes into our operating budget
  • You can buy cards (available in $25, $50, $100, and $250) with cash or cheques
  • You all paid a fundraising fee of $75 to the school, and you can offset that cost by purchasing cards-for every $100 card you buy you will be refunded $5, up to the full amount of your fundraising fee. The card sellers will record your purchases and the bookkeeper, Tracy Jewell, will refund you at the end of the year
  • If you pre-purchased cards, they are available from the card seller at the first group class of each month
  • You can buy cards on behalf of friends, coworkers, and family if you wish
  • Grocery cards will be available at all SSSG Group Class Saturdays

Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute 2017 SOSI
Recommended for all our students and parents to keep your motivation up during the summer:
Canada's largest Suzuki institute offers student programs for all ages, in exceptionally well-equipped, air-conditioned facilities at Wilfrid Laurier University. Students & parents get recharged with an energizing head start for regular lessons in the fall. Plus you make great new friendships! It's the ultimate musical family vacation!

Complete String & Piano programs, Four Orchestras,Optional & Enrichment Classes, Chamber Music,Young Artist Program for advanced students, Body Mapping, Suzuki Baby & Toddler Classes, Mini Institute for youngsters 7 & under.

SOSI Bursaries and Scholarships
Bursary application deadline. For more information go to:

For other Suzuki Summer Institute throughout North America: 


Parents as Partners Online partners
Join  Parents as Partners Online  and enjoy a whole gallery of videos and podcasts for Suzuki parents. To sign-up, email  to let her know you want to do sign-up and drop off a cheque to SAA for $12 CAD in Janet Johnson's file folder. Janet will mail your payment to SAA and you will be enrolled to start viewing. You will receive an email from SAA confirming you can start watching the videos!