SSSG Notes November 15, 2018

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Hello Suzuki families,

Please know that there ARE groups this Saturday, November 17.
The following Saturday, November 24 are the Large Group rehearsals for the Snowflake concert.   These rehearsals take place at St. George's Church.

Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant

Large Group Rehearsals November 24 large

8:15 am : All Instruments arrive St. Georges Church
  - Violins unpack and tune in Palmer Hall, then proceed to Mitchell Hall
  - Violas unpack and tune in the  Choir Room, then proceed to Mitchell Hall
  - Cellos unpack and tune in Mitchell Hall

8:50 am:
      Violas to Choir Room and Violins to Palmer Hall, Cellos stay in Mitchell Hall

9:30 am:
      Students from Matz, Primrose and Perlman rehearse, all other students leave

10:00 am:
     Concorde rehearses in Mitchell hall

10:30 am: Finish

*St. George's Church-99 Woolwich St. (please enter through the back of the church)
SSSG Snowflake Concert tickets

Tickets to the SSSG Snowflake concert will be available for pick up/sale on:
 November 5 through  the River Run Centre box office. 
 Now you can simple go on line or call the RR & your tickets will be e mailed to you!!

SSSG Faculty Concert Fundraiser fund
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