SSSG Notes November 24, 2017

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Hello Suzuki families,

Please know that the Large groups rehearsal this Saturday, November 25 will take place at St George's Church (see details below).

Tickets to the Snowflake Concert are now on sale! (See details below.)

Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant

Large Group Class Rehearsal Schedule large
Large Group Class rehearsal schedule:
Saturday, November 25
St George's Anglican Church (99 Woolwich St.)
(2017 cello beginners are not included in this rehearsal
Please see the separate email from David Evenchick on this.)
8:15  Arrival for all students except 2017 beginners 
Violins unpack in Palmer Hall and proceed to Mitchell Hall
Violas unpack in Choir room and proceed to Mitchell Hall
Cellos stay in Mitchell Hall 

8:30 Shalom Chaverim and Twinkle Bell Canon

8:50  Beginner violin and violas arrive and proceed to Palmer Hall.

9:00  Violins move to Palmer Hall,  Violas go to Choir room,  Cellos remain in Mitchell Hall

9:00  PT  demonstration, Song of the Wind, Allegretto and Brahms Waltz

9:20 Vivaldi Winter (Ehnes and Mutter groups)

9:35 Bach Gavottes book 5 

9:45 Imagine (Perlman groups)
For Violas in Choir room:
9:00 French Folk Song, Lightly Row, Bohemian Folk Song
9:15 Seitz Concerto No. 5, 1st movement and Shostakovich Prelude
9:35 Done!
For Cellos:
9:00 French Folk Song, Song of the Wind, Rigadoon, Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, Two Grenadiers
9:20 Latin Nights (Bacchianas cello choir) 
9:35 Go Down Moses (Matz cello choir)
10:00 Concorde in Palmer Hall

In order to provide the calmest, enjoyable and successful concert experience for our students, attendance at the large group rehearsals is  crucial and expected of all SSSG students. If you have a valid reason preventing your child from attending, please contact your group class teacher and Janet Johnson, to let them know in advance.
Paule Barsalou

Snowflake Concert  snow

The 180 students, ages 3 to 18, of the Suzuki String School of Guelph present a festive concert of joyful and peaceful music that will delight everyone! The concert will include a presentation by fall beginner students and Suzuki Early Childhood Educationparticipants-always a show stopper!
Also on the programme... music by Vivaldi, Handel, Shostakovich, Ennio Morricone, John Lennon, and more! Perfect for the young and the young at heart!
I Tickets
II Snowflake concert music:
All SSSG students will be involved in the following two pieces. Please click on the links to listen to the recordings:
Shalom Chaverim:

III December 3 Rehearsal Schedule
8:45  Perlman, Ehnes and  Mutter a rrive for tuning 
9:00 All other violins except  beginners and twinklers  arrive for tuning 
9:30 All Violas and C ellos  arrive along with  HV(Crow) for  tuning 
9:50 All beginners arrive sit in audience with parents
10:10 SECE students arrive sit in audience with parents
10:35 All Violins finished rehearsal and  leave
10:55 all Cellos except  Bacchianas and Matz f inished rehearsal and leave
11:25 All Cellos finished rehearsal and leave
11:40 all Violist except  Primrose f inished rehearsal and leave
11:55 Primrose finished rehearsal and leave
1:45 Concorde arrives Tunes backstage
2:00 Concorde onstage for Gabriel's Oboe
2:20 All Leave stage

IV Concert Attire
 Concorde, Ehnes, Matz, Benedetti, Bachianas groups: all black. Boys with solid coloured ties.
All others: white top, black bottom, black socks/stockings, black shoes.

III Snowflake Concert refreshments
We look forward to celebrating your child's music at our post-performance reception.  Please bring a nut-free plate to share:

Last names starting with:
A-E Baked goods
F-J Veggie Plates
K-O Fruit Plates
P-T Crackers & cheese or savoury plate
U-Z chips/pretzels etc

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Online Auction-success!! online
Our Online Auction is now over and we have raised $17,367.00. Wow!!!
All the funds raised are going to our bursary and endowment fund to support families in need of financial help. Thank you to everyone who participated!
A huge thank you to our Online Auction Committee: Paul Rak, Louise MacCallum and Christie Zimmer for their enthusiastic work. Your time, talents, creativity, and determination have made this auction the best ever!
Thank you also to everyone on the fundraising liaison team who helped get items and promote the auction to our membership.
Job well done, everyone!

Grocery Cards as Holiday gifts or donations?groc
Grocery Cards as Holiday gifts or donations?
  • We have cards from Loblaws that will work at any Loblaws store. This includes No Frills, Zehrs, and Superstore to name a few
  • Cards are worth their exact value, i.e. if you buy one for $50, you now have $50 that you can spend at the store
  • The SSSG receives %5 of the cost of the card, and that money goes into our operating budget
  • You can buy cards (available in $25, $50, $100, and $250) with cash or cheques
  • You all paid a fundraising fee of $75 to the school, and you can offset that cost by purchasing cards-for every $100 card you buy you will be refunded $5, up to the full amount of your fundraising fee. The card sellers will record your purchases and the bookkeeper, Tracy Jewell, will refund you at the end of the year
  • If you pre-purchased cards, they are available from the card seller at the first group class of each month
  • You can buy cards on behalf of friends, coworkers, and family if you wish
  • Grocery cards will be available at all SSSG Group Class Saturdays
Grocery cards are also great donations to make to charities who feed people such as:
- Guelph Food Bank
- Hospice Wellington
- Children's Foundation of Guelph Wellington Food and Friends program
- Lakeside Hope House
-St James the Apostle's Anglican Church Breakfast program and others.

GSO reduced tickets for SSSG families! GSO
The Guelph Symphony Orchestra is pleased to offer specially priced tickets for our  December 10th, Holiday concert, for families of the Suzuki String School of Guelph

Adult ticket: $23 plus HST 
14 & under ticket:  $10 
Please call the River Run Box Office,  (519) 763-3000, and identify yourself as a Suzuki parent by  Thursday, December 7th, to take advantage of this offer!


The Stonefields Quartet stone
"The Stonefields Quartet is the Faculty Quartet with the members being: Joy Schuster, Elayne Ras, Andrea Cook and Anna Hughes. We have put cards in all of the family file folders so that if you or anyone you know is interested in hiring a quartet to provide quality, live music for any occasion, we would be happy to provide that service. If you did not find your card feel free to contact us through Anna Hughes at:  and I will give you a card and answer any questions about the quartet."
Anna Hughes