SSSG Notes November 3, 2017

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Hello Suzuki families,

There will be no SSSG group classes this weekend due to the Suzuki Association of Ontario student workshop in Waterloo.
All participants should have received an email from conference organizers confirming the schedule.
GYMC Junior and Intermediate orchestras will be running as usual for the students not participating in the SAO workshop.

Upcoming important dates at a glance:

* November 11-19 SSSG Silent Auction
*November 18 SSSG AGM
*November 25 Large Group Rehearsal
* December 3 SSSG Snow Flake Concert

Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant

SSSG Faculty Concert
A huge thank you to Paule Barsalou, Ralph Blackman, Andrea Cook, Carmen Evans, David Evenchick, Ken Gee, Anna Hughes, Elayne Ras and Joy Schuster for the wonderful Faculty Concert they gave last weekend. The concert was a fun mixture of music about animals and poetry. It was attended by young people in Halloween costumes and fun was had by all. We raised $405 for the SSSG bursary fund. We hope that in the future, SSSG families and their friends can make more of a point to attend this concert which is a chance to get to hear your teachers perform and to support our bursary fund. If you have suggestions on how we can increase our attendance at this annual concert, your suggestions would be most welcomed. It is sad when our faculty spends hours rehearsing and preparing a programme of wonderful music for our students and the hall is only half filled.

Concert Attendance
By Daphne Hughes, founder of the SSSG

Is your life crazily busy? Do your children seem to be rushing from one activity to another? Why on earth would you want to add attendance at a concert to this frenetic schedule?

Last week I sat in the GYMC recital hall for about an hour listening to members of the Suzuki faculty perform, and thought about what an amazing opportunity this must be for the students who were there. These were their teachers not "teaching," but sharing with each other and with their listeners the sheer pleasure of music-making.

As we share with our children the experience of concert attendance, the calmness of sitting quietly to watch and listen to the performance of beautiful music, we send a message: "music is important to our family, not just because you are learning to play the violin or viola or cello, but because we are all human beings with brains and hearts that are touched and enriched by the sounds that were first born within the brains and hearts of others."

In this sometimes scary modern world we are fortunate to have opportunities to listen quietly with our children, to receive the gift of highly skilled performances, and to watch the way in which performers communicate and share their talents with each other in order to present that gift.

You may find these opportunities at the GYMC or the River Run theatre, or at various churches in the community. Do your best to find the time to attend as many as possible.

Large Group Class Rehearsal Schedule large
Large Group Class rehearsal schedule:
Saturday, November 25
St George's Anglican Church
(2017 cello beginners are not included in this rehearsal
Please see the separate email from David Evenchick on this.)
8:15  Arrival for all students except 2017 beginners 
Violins unpack in Palmer Hall and proceed to Mitchell Hall
Violas unpack in Choir room and proceed to Mitchell Hall
Cellos stay in Mitchell Hall 

8:30 Shalom Chaverim and Twinkle Bell Canon

8:50  Beginner violin and violas arrive and proceed to Palmer Hall.

9:00  Violins move to Palmer Hall,  Violas go to Choir room,  Cellos remain in Mitchell Hall

9:00  PT  demonstration, Song of the Wind, Allegretto and Brahms Waltz

9:20 Vivaldi Winter (Ehnes and Mutter groups)

9:35 Bach Gavottes book 5 

9:45 Imagine (Perlman groups)
For Violas in Choir room:
9:00 French Folk Song, Lightly Row, Bohemian Folk Song
9:15 Seitz Concerto No. 5, 1st movement and Shostakovich Prelude
9:35 Done!
For Cellos:
9:00 French Folk Song, Song of the Wind, Rigadoon, Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, Two Grenadiers
9:20 Latin Nights (Bacchianas cello choir) 
9:35 Go Down Moses (Matz cello choir)
10:00 Concorde in Palmer Hall

In order to provide the calmest, enjoyable and successful concert experience for our students, attendance at the large group rehearsals is  crucial and expected of all SSSG students. If you have a valid reason preventing your child from attending, please contact your group class teacher and Janet Johnson, to let them know in advance.
Paule Barsalou

Snowflake Concert Music  snow
Snowflake concert music:
All SSSG students will be involved in the following two pieces. Please click on the links to listen to the recordings:
Shalom Chaverim:

GSO reduced tickets for SSSG families! GSO
The Guelph Symphony Orchestra is pleased to offer specially priced tickets for our  December 10th, Holiday concert, for families of the Suzuki String School of Guelph

Adult ticket: $23 plus HST 
14 & under ticket:  $10 
Please call the River Run Box Office,  (519) 763-3000, and identify yourself as a Suzuki parent by  Thursday, December 7th, to take advantage of this offer!


KW Christmastide Concert christ
KW Symphony 
Christmastide concert 
Friday, November 24, 2017 8:00PM
Harcourt Memorial United. 
Paule Barsalou is arranging for a group rate. If you are interested, please email Paule no later than  Monday, Nov. 5 at 12 pm with your order.
Student prices are $12 for under 14 years of age and $15 for those who are 14 and up.  While these rates don't change under the group program, they do contribute to the number of attendees so that the adults enjoy better rates.  For example, if we brought 20 students and 10 adults, the adults would get the rate for a group of 30.
Here's how the quantities change the prices for the Baroque and Beyond series:
Regular Price
10-19 people
20-29 people
30-39 people
40-49 people
50+ people
Ellen McAteer, soprano  
Ivars Taurins, conductor
Torelli: Concerto Grosso for two violins in G minor Charpentier:  In Nativitatem Domini Canticum
Manfredini: Concerto Grosso No. 12 in C major, Christmas Concerto
J.S. Bach: Excerpts from Christmas Oratorio
Handel: He shall feed his flock/Come unto him from Messiah
Locatelli: Concerto Grosso No. 8 in F minor
Various, arr. Ton Koopman: Christmas Carols
Experience a Baroque Christmas celebration, a candlelit vesper of Christmas forepast. Delightful and charming, the music of Manfredini, Torelli, Bach and Handel fills the halls. You will be enthralled with the sights and sounds of yesteryear!

Cambridge Symphony Orchestra cam
Cambridge Symphony Orchestra
November 17, 2017 - 7:30 pm
Central Presbyterian Church
7 Queen's Square - Cambridge
The sights and sounds of Spain have enchanted many great composers.
Their musical impressions will make your spirit dance
and your heart sing! Come and feel the passion!
Viva EspaƱa!
Tickets: Pay what you can