SSSG Notes September 7, 2017

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Hello Suzuki families,

Welcome back from the summer holidays! We hope your upcoming SSSG year is full of great fun, music making & community.
Please know that private lessons commence the week of September 11 & that the first group lessons are on Saturday September 16.

Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Program-launched this September! SECE
Starting in September 2017, the Suzuki String School of Guelph will offer a
Suzuki Early Childhood Education (Suzuki ECE) program for babies and toddlers. Suzuki ECE teachers  Kelly Williamson and Carmen Evans are heading the new program and will be teaching classes as a  team. In Suzuki ECE, children ages 0-3 participate in weekly group classes with an accompanying adult,  learning a carefully-structured sequence of songs and activities. The program also focuses on the  development of key social skills and physical and cognitive abilities, all in a fun and nurturing  environment.
SSSG Artistic Director Paule Barsalou says, "The Suzuki ECE program is more than a music program-it  helps parents to strengthen their parenting skills and to notice all the micro-steps of their child's  development from infancy. It also gradually prepares the family for instrumental lessons."
Suzuki ECE teacher Kelly Williamson says, "The Suzuki ECE program is suitable for all children. The class  environment offers a mixed-age group so that children will observe and learn from each other. The  interaction builds bonds between parents and children that enhance their learning in later years."
This program will replace the school's Orff-Suzuki Music Moves program. After over 30 wonderful years of Guelph Orff Studio and Orff-Suzuki Music Moves, beloved teacher Karen Haack is retiring.  Pauls  Barsalou says, "Guelph owes a huge debt of gratitude to Karen for planting the seed of the love of music
in so many generations of children. She has been an incredible driving force in early childhood music  education in our community! Her gentle, kind, whimsical and fun personality will be missed and fondly  remembered by everyone she touched. Karen will continue to teach piano in her home studio."

About Suzuki String School of Guelph
The Suzuki String School of Guelph is a non-profit, charitable organization providing a dedicated strings  school for Guelph and surrounding communities. The goal of the SSSG is to build a sense of community  through the love of music, and develop self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual commitment and  respect. Through music, the school strives to nurture the growth of young leaders that will continue to  contribute to our communities as well-rounded, competent adults. 

To register:

For more information, visit:
Suzuki String School of Guelph Contact:
75 Cardigan St., Guelph, ON Paule Barsalou
(519) 821-2890

Suzuki Association Conference 2017 con
A reminder....
Mark your calendars now! It is with excitement that we are announcing that SSSG students are invited to participate in the Student Workshop at the Suzuki Association of Ontario Conference 2017 on  Saturday, November 4 at Knox Presbyterian Church, 50 Erb Street West, in Waterloo. This event will take the place of our regular SSSG winter workshop and your attendance will be subsidised by SSSG. The workshop will include activities for all levels from early book 1 to senior students. It will include a group class at your level, an enrichment class, a play-in and lunch. 
There is also a mini-workshop for beginners and twinklers which includes a group class and a music enrichment class in the morning without lunch or the play-in. There is no cost to SSSG students for this one. 
This will be your chance to make new musical friends and meet some fantastic teachers from all over the province. It will be a great way to connect with our Ontario Suzuki community!

To register please visit:
Application Deadline: September 30, 2017

Instrument Rental & Return in
Instrument Rental and Return:

Returning an instrument? Please return the instrument on the first individual class that your child has in September: week of the 11th. This is important for our seasonal inventory and to do any repairs necessary before beginner parents rent the instrument. 

Want to keep the instrument? Your rental period ends August 31, to keep the instrument use this form:

Beginners 2017-18 - Need your adult instrument? Adult instruments will be available for rent on the first 2 Beginners group classes:  September 30th and October 14th upstairs in the GYMC. Please check the upcoming Newsletters in September for more details.

Any questions, please email Amy/Thomas at