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An Evening of Tribute to Mr. Naparstek | Welcoming Dr. Rafi Kalman as the New Princpal of Schechter Queens | Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony | Shorashim Students Receive Giftbags from their Teachers | Pre-K End of the Year Celebration | KB Celebrates with their Teachers | First Grade Celebration at SSSQ | Second Grade Surprise at SSSQ | Fifth Graders Graduate Lower School | Happy Father's Day from Pre-KB | KA Celebrates Shavuot | Class of 2020 Receive Their Cap and Gown | Seventh Grade Students Create Their Own Podcast | SSSQ Celebrates Lag BaOmer |Happy Mother's Day | Surprise Visit for Pre-KB | KB Celebrates Yom Ha'atzmaut | Kudos | Alumni Corner | Good and Welfare |

Monthly Highlights
An Evening of Tribute to Mr. Naparstek
On June 24 th the entire Schechter Queens community was invited to a Virtual Tribute for Mr. Naparstek. More than 1,500 people signed into Facebook to attend this event. The tribute included words of praise and thanks from parents, students, teachers, administrators, alumni, and members of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Naparstek received a beautiful Shofar from the Trustees and albums from the faculty showing various events he was part of. It was a bittersweet evening where we were happy to honor Mr. Naparstek but at the same time we will miss a most dedicated administrator who has been part of our lives for the past seventeen years.  
The Board of Trustees of The Solomon Schechter School of Queens is delighted to announce the hiring of Dr. Rafi Kalman as Principal of our school.
Dr. Kalman earned his Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University majoring in Psychology with a focus on child-adolescent learning and development. He received his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. Simultaneous to building a private practice,
Welcoming Dr. Rafi Kalman as the New Principal of Schechter Queens

Dr. Kalman began working as a School Psychologist at the Green Chimneys School in 2005, where he spent the next eight years. Dr. Kalman joined Schechter Queens in September 2013 as School Psychologist, and in 2014 was promoted Director of Student Learning and Related Services. In these roles, he has been a valuable part of the school’s administrative team.

“I am deeply humbled by the responsibilities being bestowed upon me- aware of the storied history of our school as the original Solomon Schechter Day School , while excited to lead our school into the future,” said Dr. Kalman. “Since the day I entered Schechter, I have been taken by the sense of achdut and family. This feeling emanates from our students, teachers, staff and Board of Trustees. It is this togetherness that will help us get through these difficult times. I cannot wait to lead this great institution.” 
Dr. Kalman possesses the administrative ability, knowledge and experience necessary to successfully lead our school into the future.
Please join us in welcoming Dr. Kalman to his new role as Principal of The Solomon Schechter School of Queens.
Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony
The Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony took place outdoors on the evening of Tuesday, June 30 th at the wonderful Illagio in Flushing, Queens. We hit our max capacity of 150 people for the event and it was a beautiful evening to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2020! 
Thank you to all the attendees for observing the proper social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. We regret if anyone wasn’t able to attend in person, but hopefully you were able to join us through Facebook Live. You were there with us in spirit and we felt your support throughout the event.
Mazal tov to the Class of 2020! You have demonstrated the meaning of resilience and we wish you much success as you continue with your education. You will always remain part of the SSSQ family.
Shorashim Students Receive Giftbags from their Teachers
Morah Chava and Morah Riki presented beautiful packages for each of their Shorashim students. The children were delighted to see their teachers in person! They received their warm greetings and best wishes for a good summer ahead. We can’t wait to see you all again next year in Pre-K!
Pre-K End of the Year Celebration

It was so nice to see all the children at the end of the year Pre-K drive-up celebration. They were presented with certificates of completion for graduating their Pre-K course of study. Mazal tov to all the students! May you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you next year!
KB Celebrates with their Teachers

It was great to see our KB friends and give them special treats for our end of the year celebration! The goodies in each gift bag included a Kindergarten certificate, bubbles, special snack, Kiddush cup, American/Israeli flags and their Shabbat placemat that they created and used weekly. Mazal tov to all!
First Grade Celebration at SSSQ
 Each of the first grade students were personally greeted by their teachers as they came by the school. Morah Gabai, Mrs. Lande and Mrs. Sinai thoughtfully prepared a gift bag for the children to enjoy. The students came one by one to say goodbye to their devoted teachers on the final full day of school. We wish all of the families a very happy and healthy summer. See you in 2nd grade!
Second Grade Surprise at SSSQ
 The 2nd grade students came to school to pick up their personal belongings. When they arrived, they were warmly greeted by their English teachers, Ms. Bieler and Mrs. Casale, who presented a lovely gift to each of their students. The children were so excited to see their teachers for the first time since March! One of the students even surprisingly said, “I can’t believe it! My Zoom teachers are here!”

We wish the 2nd grade students and their families a great summer. We can’t wait to see all of you in September in the 3rd grade!
Fifth Graders Graduate the Lower School 
The 5th grade students were greeted at the school by their teachers Erica Jacobs & Mark Wiseman and received gift bags. It was amazing seeing the students again in person and we wish you all a happy and healthy summer! See you next year! 
Happy Father’s Day from
 Thank you to all the dads, papas, and Abbas! The children had an opportunity to share their Father’s Day cards that we worked on over Zoom. Happy Father’s Day!
KA Celebrates Shavuot 
Shavuot is a festive time for us. Therefore, in keeping with the holiday, KA dressed in white, fashioned baskets with fruits and donned floral headbands. Chag Sameach to all!
Class of 2020 Receive Their Cap and Gown 
 The SSSQ Administration visited the 8th grade graduates at their homes to give them their Caps and Gowns’ as well as a gift and placard to put in front of their house. It was incredible to see our students again in person!
Mazal Tov to all the SSSQ 2020 graduates for this remarkable achievement and may these unique circumstances give you resilience and inspire you to make the world a better place. We wish you all the best as you continue with your education and know that you will always have a home at SSSQ!
Seventh Grade Students Create Their Own Podcast 
Morah Liebman's 7th grade students created their own podcasts and one student, Maya, published her first two episodes on Spotify. She immediately gained followers, and it was picked up by several other platforms, including Apple iTunes. Mazal Tov to all the students for their fantastic work! 
Please click on the following link to hear the podcast on Spotify:…
SSSQ Celebrates Lag BaOmer
 Nothing prevents SSSQ from celebrating Lag BaOmer! It is normally our tradition to have a picnic, but due to social distancing we had a drive-through barbeque this year. The leftover food went to a local food pantry. In total we had over 100 families and 350 people participate. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and wishing you all a Chag Sameach! Special thanks to Dr. Kalman and his committee for organizing this event.
Happy Mother’s Day
 The students in Pre-K A and B have been discussing Mother’s Day. They each made a surprise gift and presented it to their mom. The mothers were so excited to celebrate the holiday with their kids. Wishing all the mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day! 
Surprise Visit for Pre-KB
 Morah Meital, Morah Jennifer and Morah Adina organized surprise visits to their students in Pre-KB. It was a mountain of emotions as the students and parents were very excited to be reunited with their teachers!
Once everyone settled down, the students were given a bag with activities, arts & crafts, bubbles and a note to each child and parent. The teachers received videos from their students saying thank you. When asked why they would take the afternoon to drive to each one of their students' homes a teacher said, “We did it to bring joy and smiles to their faces.” Kol Hakavod for showing incredible dedication and commitment to your students during a difficult time.
KB Celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut

 KB yeladim created blue and white collages in honor of Israel’s Independence Day- Yom Ha’atzmaut. Happy 72nd birthday to Israel!
Kudos to Dr. Rafi Kalman on becoming the new Principal at SSSQ. To view the Press Release in the Jewish Week please click on the following link and turn to page 5:
Mazal Tov to the Class of 2020! 
Kudos to 7 th grade student Maya for creating her own podcast and getting the first two episodes published on Spotify. Please click on the following link to hear the podcast on Spotify:…
Dear Alumni: If you would like to share your news (engagements, weddings, births, career milestones, B'nai Mitzvot , etc) with us or visit the school, please contact Naomi Horowitz at or 718-591-9800 ext. 323.
Russell Weg, M.D, '01 reflects upon his days at Schechter Queens and shares his passions and achievements
- Where did your educational path take you after graduating from SSSQ?  

After graduating from SSSQ in 2001, I continued my Jewish education at Solomon Schechter High School of Long Island. From there, I obtained my degree with honors from New York University with a major in psychology and minor in chemistry. I then obtained my medical degree at the Jacobs School of Medicine at SUNY Buffalo in 2014. I went on to complete internal medicine training at Weill Cornell Medical Center and followed this with sub-specialty training in gastroenterology and hepatology. I will soon begin practicing alongside my father in internal medicine and gastroenterology in Queens and Manhattan. 
- How did you make a decision to enter the medical field and choose a specialty?

I have always been drawn to the impact a physician can have in people's lives and the relationships with patients that requires. Seeing people through their most trying times and caring for generations of families is an honor that provides me with a great sense of gratitude. Furthermore, a career in medicine offers an opportunity for lifelong learning and the ability to continuously improve yourself both on a professional and humanitarian level. Being an internist with a focus in gastroenterology and hepatology allows me to practice these ideals and develop bonds with patients in treating both acute and chronic disease.
- What would be your advice to current students regarding  staying connected to Jewish life ?

The principles and ethics I learned during my formative years at SSSQ has served as a compass in guiding the rest of my life. I routinely call upon the values ingrained in me while at SSSQ and apply them to decisions I make both at the personal and professional level. Lessons such as empathy, treating others as I would like to be treated and continuous self-improvement have provided me with a foundation upon which I live my life. I believe that by adhering to and living by these Judaic principles we are able to make Judaism a living entity that can be seamlessly and positively shared with others to connect people of all sects.
- Have you remained friends with anyone from your class?

Believe it or not, nearly 20 years after graduating from SSSQ, I can still call some of my classmates my closest and certainly my oldest friends. It is said that if you are still friends with the people you were as a child, then you are not growing as a person. Whether this is true or not, the environment that SSSQ provides allowed me to befriend outstanding kids who grew to become some of the best people and friends I could ask for. My SSSQ friends and I are each other's most ardent supporters and we share an unbreakable bond.

- Would you consider sending your children to a Schechter Day School?

As a parent, we always want for our children what we had as kids, if not better. I cannot imagine a better environment for a child to learn and grow than a Schechter day school. Schechter challenges students academically with a dual curriculum that breeds a work ethic and resolve that will sustain them in future endeavors. At the same time, Schechter provides a Jewish community filled with support and dedication to students that is maintained long after they graduate.

- If you have one take away thought/feeling/memory about your Schechter years what would it be?

While a student at SSSQ, I never realized the impact that the curriculum, teachers and Jewish values and traditions I learned would have on the rest of my life. SSSQ played a major role in shaping the father, husband and physician I am today. As I continue to strive to apply the values indoctrinated in me at SSSQ in my daily life and grow within them, I now know that I will always be a student of SSSQ.

First Schechter Queens Zoom Reunion
On May 6, 2020, the SSSQ class of 1981 held a Zoom reunion, facilitated by SSSQ Alumni Coordinator Naomi Horowitz. The event, organized by Michael David, Jonathan Lupkin, and Tevi Troy, brought together over a dozen alum from New York, California, Florida, Maryland, and Israel for over two hours of laughs and shared memories.

Schechter Queens 2020 Graduation
Thank you to alum Russell Weg ('01) for speaking at graduation about his Schechter experience and presenting the  Dugma LeMofet  Award for outstanding character and academics to the deserving 8th grade recipient, Farrah Mashihi.

Congratulations to the Classes of 2012 and 2016 on your graduations from college and high school - Good luck to everyone!

Mazal Tov to:

Naomi Danis ('63) on the publishing of her new book - MY BEST FRIEND, SOMETIMES, an emotionally honest take on the complexities of (childhood) friendship. The book received a  starred review in Kirkus.

 Eric ('96) and Kaitlin Schwartz on the birth of their son, Zachary Ryan born July 2nd. Older brother Taylor is happy to have a baby brother.

Lauren Abramowitz ('99) and her husband, Lukas on the birth of their daughter, Stella Mae, born May 19th. Older sister Clara is happy to have a baby sister.

Dina (Zipkin '00) and Kyle Scherder on the birth of their daughter, Anna Joy, born April 7th. Older sister Gwen is happy to have a baby sister. 

Ethan Felder ('01) on winning a Democratic District Leadership spot in the June 23rd election.

Adam ('02) and Rachel Fusfeld ('02 SSDS Greater Boston) on the birth of their son, Jacob Benjamin, born May 7th.

Dan ('02) and Ali Sackett on the birth of their son, Levi Nathan, born April 26th.

Lavey Weil ('03) and Alexa Dunetz on their engagement. Lavey and Alexa met at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires in the summer of 2002.

Marc Reisner ('06) and Bridgit Bowden on their engagement.
Good and Welfare
Condolences to :

The Zeidel family on the passing of Rachel Zeidel, Sol's wife and mother of Billy ('80), Ronnie ('82) and Roslyn ('86).

Avi, Morah Odi Gabai and family on the passing of Mrs. Sarah Gabai z"l.

The Wasserman family on the passing of Susan Berman, Ellen's mother and grandmother of Zachary ('03) and Jacob ('10).

The Miller family on the passing of Moishe Miller, Sherrie's husband and father of Bashe ('09) and Elias ('09).

The Weissman family on the passing of Rhonda Weissman, wife of Steve and mother of Mark and Elisheva Weissman.

The Eisner family on the passing of Stan Eisner, father of Teri ('84), Brad ('86), Craig and grandfather of Joey ('05), Jason ('07) and Nicholas.

The Kogan family on the passing of Jose Kogan, father of Rabbi Manes Kogan and grandfather of Daniela, Ilan ('13) and Abigail ('17).

The Leeman family on the passing of Rabbi Amos Miller, father of Felicia Miller Leeman and grandfather of Jessica ('07), Rebecca ('09) and Joshua ('15).

The David family on the passing of Jonas Rodriguez, brother of Zahamary (Sam) David, and uncle of Elinatan (7B), Eden (6A), Eitan ('15) and Leah ('16).
Wishing everyone an enjoyable, healthy and safe Summer!
Editor’s Note from Paul Friedman, Director of Development & Public Relations :

This will be my final edition of the Monthly Newsletter The Scoop . It has been my honor and privilege to create a Monthly Newsletter that keeps the SSSQ community informed of the latest events at school. Thank you to all the readers for your positive feedback and wonderful contributions. It was a pleasure hearing your thoughts and comments. I wish you all well and hope you have a great summer!

Stay tuned for new editions of The Scoop in the Fall.
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