Week of December 6 & 13, 2018
SSSQ Open House

Despite a rainy, cloudy day, Sunday December 2, 2018 the skies were sunny and bright at the SSSQ Open House. Parents and prospective parents had the opportunity to follow an abbreviated school day schedule and participate in a Pre-K, second grade Hebrew and fourth grade English classroom to see what makes our school unique in its ability to bring out the best in each student. While parents attended the sessions, children were entertained by a clown making balloon sculptures, created arts and crafts projects, and enjoyed snacks. It was an informative and great day!

If you were not able to visit our Open House or know of families interested in attending SSSQ, please contact Lea Feldman, Registrar ( lfeldman@ssssq.org or 718-591-9800 ext. 301) to schedule an appointment. 
KA &KB Celebrate Chanukah

What a fun and educational time the children had as they made latkes for a holiday snack. The children sang, listened to a Chanukah story, discussed what a recipe was, measured, mixed, peeled and grated the ingredients, learned about what is a vegetable, solid and liquid and witnessed the heat frying the levivot . Writing an experience chart helped in summarizing what was accomplished. Math, science, arts and literacy were all involved in the activities. Chag Chanukah Samayach to all.
Middle School Chanukah Program (Shinshinim)

During Chanukah the middle school was treated to a special event led by a group of young Israeli students called the Shinshinim. The Shinshinim spend their gap year after high school teaching children about the history of Israel and inspiring them to develop a heightened love for Israel. The students played lots of exciting games related to Chanukah and the land of Israel. The students played dreidel, trivia games and even pin the candle on the Menorah! The Shinshinim concluded with a fun game of Chanukah Bingo for the whole middle school. We thank the PTA for their generosity in sponsoring this wonderful event.
Eight Grade Visits Margaret Tietz Nursing Home

Eighth grade students visited the Margaret Tietz Nursing Home. Below are thoughts from one of the students about their visit.

On Wednesday, December 5th, the third day of Hanukkah, Morah Aharoni took the 8th grade students to Margaret Teitz Nursing Home. At school, the students were each told certain things that they should bring for the nursing home. Then, we made two beautiful baskets that included a variety of fruits. The first thing we did when we got to the nursing home was sing to the elders. Morah Aharoni passed out packets of songs to the students and Rabbi Tomsky introduced us. We sang a few songs and said a few Brachot for Chanukah. A couple of the elders looked very happy, and a few of them sang along with us. After we sang, the supervisors brought a few of the elderly people into a separate room with us. We got the chance to talk with them, do arts and crafts, and play with dreidels. I spoke with a wonderful lady named Selma. We colored a picture of a dreidel. After, we spoke about her life and what she enjoyed doing. Before we left, the nursing home was kind enough to give us sufganyot and drinks. I felt very grateful that I had the chance to visit the elderly people at the nursing home and fulfill such a great mitzvah. This experience has taught me to be thankful to Hashem everyday for being healthy, smart, and strong. -S.A.

Middle School Dance with SSLI

Last week, Schechter Long Island hosted a middle school Chanukah Dance. The students from both schools enjoyed pizza and refreshments and of course lots of music and dancing. In the middle of the dance, the children participated in a Chanukah candle lighting ceremony followed by singing some traditional Chanukah songs. The students had a fun time and we look forward to a few months from now when we will host the Purim dance at our school.

Chanukah Zimriyah

On the fifth day of Chanukah, the students from Shorashim to 5 th  grade took part in a beautiful Zimriyah performance. The children were joyfully singing and clapping with much enthusiasm throughout the program. Toward the end of the Zimriyah, the children danced in the gym with their classmates and teachers in celebration of this special occasion.

We concluded the program honoring Israel with the recitation of Hatikvah. We thank Morah Gerri Blum in this most uplifting and moving Zimriyah which the students most certainly will never forget.
The Mishkan - Seventh Grade Chumash Project

In Morah Ben-Harari’s Chumash classes, we learned about the Mishkan. The Mishkan was where the Jewish people in the desert would bring sacrifices to Hashem and pray. It was like a portable Beit Hamikdash. The Mishkan that was used by the Jews in the desert was constructed by Betzalel Ben Uri Ben Choor. He was only thirteen years old when he accomplished this very big project. The Mishkan was strictly instructed by Hashem to Moshe. Only the Kohanem could enter but before they entered they would have to wash their hands and feet in the Kiyor, outside in the yard. Our 7th grade Chumash classes built samples of the Mishkan.

Here is how they look. - S.E.
Third Grade Doughnut Decorating

Last week, Class 3A and 3B had a Hanukkah party where they each got the chance to decorate Sufganiot. They used different ingredients such as frosting, sprinkles, sour sticks, candy beads, and more to decorate their doughnuts. When they were finished decorating, they got to eat their Sufganiot, and enjoy their delicious creation. We would like to say thank you to Mrs. Malka for organizing this special event!  
Fifth Grade Visits Nursing Home

Fifth grade visited a nearby nursing home to celebrate Chanukah with the residents. Here are thoughts from their visit.

When we got to the senior home we met a guy named Jack, but he said to call him Jack the Hack. Then we met a man who served in the Israeli Army and they both told us stories about their lives. After that we met our senior partners and asked them questions and made Chanukiahs with them. When we left we were all so sad and so we said goodbye to our senior partners .
Skate Night

Skate Night on Sunday, December 9th was a huge success. The students and parents had a wonderful time enjoying the last night of Chanukah.
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Parshat HaShavua
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