Week of June 7, 2018
This past week the 4th, 5th and 7th grade spent two action packed days at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. Some of the activities included a climbing wall, swimming, hiking, canoeing and a ton of other sports. The evening was complete with a bonfire, delicious S'mores and music from our very own Morah Nili Haimoff. In addition to the delicious meals and uplifting Tefillot, the students had the opportunity to develop close friendships and build team working skills with their classmates.

We thank the teachers who chaperoned this trip. Their hard work and dedication enabled our students to have a most enjoyable and memorable experience at Camp Ramah.

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Heritage Fair
The Heritage Fair gives students the opportunity to research their family history and share it with parents, teachers and their fellow students.

Below are some student thoughts regarding the assignment and event.

On Monday night, June 4th, the 7th grade had their Jewish Heritage Fair. At the Heritage Fair, many parents came to see our projects, in which we wrote about our family history and heritage. In the heritage project, we included information about where our family came from, maternal and paternal, where our parents were born. We also shared where our parents moved to and why, what languages we speak at home. We created a family tree and provided information about a special Jewish object in our family that has a history and emotional value in our family. To enhance our project and our family story, we had to bring in pictures and anything else that we could put into our project to make it even more fascinating and beautiful.

Learning about other people’s history is very interesting and captivating. Our heritage projects are very meaningful as well. We are all Jewish people and we should know about each other’s history as Jews. We could even learn new things about a culture or tradition. The evening was a great success, as all the children had stunning, beautiful, and informative projects. Hopefully the parents really liked the projects, learned something new and had a great time. Our success is all thanks to our Chumash and Jewish History teacher, Morah Ben-Harari, who came up with this project and helped us in our journey to find out more about our family. The fair went onto the next day at school, when we presented our projects to the 5th, 6th and 8th grade, as well as other teachers. The Jewish Heritage Fair was a very worthwhile, informational and exciting experience. We would like to thank our teacher Morah Ben-Harari for giving us the opportunity to learn more about our family heritage and the ability to share it with many other people.

The heritage fair was a very good experience for me. I learned a lot about my family that I didn’t know about before. I think that this is a really important project for us students to do because it helps us learn about and remember our family’s past. If we do not learn and pass down our heritages, then they will be forgotten. I really enjoyed learning more about my family.

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Celebrate Israel Parade
The students from SSSQ proudly joined together with over 40,000 marchers, 30+floats, 11 marching bands, dignitaries and special guests who all came together to join with Jewish Community Relations Council-NY and hundreds of thousands of spectators on 5th, on TV and on Facebook and the web in the largest outpouring of affection and support for the State of Israel in the world!

The theme of the parade was SABABA and 70 years. Some of the 6th grade students created a beautiful banner with the guidance of our Art teacher, Mrs. Ivy Weiner. The students made a banner based on the words, "Mah Rabu Maasecha" How great are His ways, a selection from our morning Tefillah. The banner of Israel included a picture of a cow and and a beehive to allude to the words from this weeks's Parsha, "Eretz Zvat Chalav U'devash"- a land flowing with milk and honey.

The students in attendance proudly marched together with others from Schechter Long Island. We thank the numerous parents who attended and assisted in this most important day for our school and for Israel. We celebrated Israel at 70 in a way that was truly SABABA!

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Upcoming Events

6/8/18 - Grandparents & Special Visitors Day
6/12/18 - Math Common Core Algebra Regents Exam
6/12/18 - Grade 7 Chesed Day at SSLI
6/13/18-6/14/18 - PTA Plant Sale
6/14/18 - Earth Science Regents Exam
6/15/18 - Kindergarten moving up ceremony
6/18/18 - Hebrew Comprehensive Exam
6/19/18 - Eighth Grade Graduation
6/20/18 - Israel Trip Reunion/Graduation Party at Space in New Jersey. Buses leave school at 1:00PM and return at approx. 5:30PM.
Good and Welfare
Mazal Tov to the Messinger Family on Lee-El becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 6/8/18 - 8:08 PM
Havdalah 6/9/18 - 9:17 PM

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