Week of May 24, 2018
Shavuot in Shorashim
Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Typically dairy foods are eaten. Our Shorashim students celebrated Shavuot by making cheese cake. We hope you had a wonderful Yom Tov. We've included the recipe for you to try at home.
Celebrating Israel's 70th Anniversary thorough Art
Our students have been busy creating beautiful artwork to celebrate Israel's 70th Anniversary and learning about different artists and techniques. Each grade completed different projects. See below what each grade has done and if your in the building walk down our first floor hallway to see our beautiful masterpieces.

Kindergarten – The Kindergarten drew an art piece using the Chamsa symbol. This represents the “Hand of Miriam”, the Five Books of Moses and it wards of the “Ayin Ha’ra” (evil eye). This symbol protects whoever wears it.

1 st Grade – The First Grade did pieces based upon paintings done by Dora Ficher depicting Jerusalem. Dora works use abstract shapes, patterns, and vivid colors. Dora was trained in Buenos Aires and is an art teacher in Philadelphia. She implements the innocence and freshness of her students work into her own pieces. We added the wall and arranged the pieces in a circular pattern.

2 nd Grade – The Second Grade did pieces based on a painting done by Lesley Freidman. This work takes us to the Jezreel Valley in the North with its quilted landscape depicting the hard work of the pioneers and farmers who worked the land to transform it into a beautiful and productive one. The land symbolizes an opened book and the role of the tribe of Issachar as Israel’s scholars and educators. Through studying Torah – “we harvest the richness of Hashem’s wisdom”.

3 rd Grade – The Third Grade did pieces based on the works of Yaakov Agam. Yaakov was born in Rishon-Le-Zion in 1928. He is the son of a Rabbi and Kabbalist Yehoshua Gibstein. He studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and then in Zurich and Paris. In his earlier work he implemented a grid system, which were painted in strips and then re-assembled to create different designs on opposite sides that merged and changed as the spectator shifted their viewing position. These works done by the third grade uses these techniques to combine a modern take of the Maagan David and Israel’s 70 th Anniversary.

4 th Grade - The Fourth Grade did pieces based on Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows. The grade was given the theme of Peace to be incorporated in their individual designs. Marc Chagall was in his seventies when he started to create his stained glass pieces. His use of color and placement were well suited for this medium. Many churches, synagogues and institutions throughout the world commissioned Marc Chagall for his biblical pieces to be displayed in their buildings.

5 th Grade – The Fifth Grade did pieces based on the work of Susie Lubell – particularly her watercolor piece named “ City of Gold ”. She is a self-taught artist. She participated in The Women of the Book project, collaboration of 54 Jewish women artists, which opened at the Jerusalem Biennale in 2105. A native of California – she moved to Israel in 2011. She uses strong color and simple designs in her work
PTA News and Events
Upcoming Events

5/28/18 - Memorial Day - No School
5/30/18 - Grade 1 - Siddur Celebration
5/31/18 - 6/1/18 - Grade 4&5 Holaton
6/3/18 - Celebrate Israel Parade
6/4/18 - Grade 7 - Heritage Fair
6/6/18 - PTA Scavenger Hunt
6/7/18 - PTA Dinner
6/8/18 - Grandparents & Special Visitors Day
Good and Welfare
Mazal Tov to Nurse Miriam, Renee ('95) and the entire Klager family on the birth of twin girls.

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Kogan of the Hillcrest Jewish Center for being honored by the New York Board of Rabbis

Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 5/25/18 - 7:58 PM
Havdalah 5/26/18 - 9:05 PM

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