Week of May 31, 2018
Siddur Celebration
On May 30th the first graders came together to celebrate the special occasion of receiving their first Siddur. The children celebrated by performing songs and presenting portions of what they learned about Shabbat and Tfilot. It was a truly joyous and wonderful occasion to see the first grade begin to partake in praying individually with their own Siddur. They did an amazing job and everyone was so proud to see their devotion and how far they have come in their Judaic studies. We thank all of those involved for making this day such a success.
PTA News and Events
Upcoming Events

5/31/18 - 6/1/18 - Grade 4&5&7 Holaton
6/3/18 - Celebrate Israel Parade
6/4/18 - Grade 7 - Heritage Fair
6/6/18 - PTA Scavenger Hunt
6/7/18 - PTA Dinner
6/8/18 - Grandparents & Special Visitors Day
Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 5/25/18 - 8:03 PM
Havdalah 5/26/18 - 9:12 PM

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