Week of November 22 & 29 2018
AAA Visits Early Childhood

The Early Childhood division of SSSQ spent last Thursday morning with Karen Blackburn, a representative of AAA (American Automobile Association.) She spoke to the children about the proper use of car and booster seats. Through puppetry, song and discussion, the boys and girls were actively engaged in learning about why seating in an approved seat is so important for all those under 8 years old. 
The Sixth Day of Creation

Ms. Ben-Harari's class was studying the days of creation. Below is an essay written by one of the students.

The sixth day
'וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים, נַעֲשֶׂה אָדָם בְּצַלְמֵנוּ כִּדְמוּתֵנוּ; וְיִרְדּוּ בִדְגַת הַיָּם וּבְעוֹף הַשָּׁמַיִם, וּבַבְּהֵמָה
וּבְכָל-הָאָרֶץ, וּבְכָל-הָרֶמֶשׂ, הָרֹמֵשׂ עַל-הָאָרֶץ'
This is what God said as he created the first human, Adam. The sixth day of the creation of the world is all about how God made Adam and Eve, and how God created the animals of the land. God also separated the humans from animals. I chose the sixth day as my project, because I found it very interesting how after everything, God chose to create humans. Why? God could’ve chosen to create anything else. For example, he could’ve created another world, or more animals. But God chose to create humans. This teaches me that God is very compassionate, caring, and wise. This shows me the ways to emulate Him and try to follow in His footsteps. The sixth day is also very important to me. It is important because, if God hadn’t created humans, then no one would be alive today. God chose to put each individual human on this earth for a purpose. This motivates me to always try to find my own purpose on earth. Wheather or not my purpose is something small or large, it’s the reason that God gave me life. There are a few questions about the sixth day. One question is how come in the Torah it says, “Yom Hashishi” and not just “Yom shishi” like the rest of the days? Why did God just create one person and not ten? Who was God talking to when He said “נַעֲשֶׂה אָדָם”? Luckily in Chumash class, Morah Ben-Harari was able to give us a few interpretations and answers to these questions. For the question of why did God create one person and not ten, I learned that if God created multiple people, the future generations would fight each other and argue that God created the world for their father, and then another person would fight back. There are two more interpretations that we learned, but this one is my favorite. For the question of who is God talking to when he said “נַעֲשֶׂה אָדָם”, we learned that He was talking to the angels and calming them down. The angels were jealous that God won’t care about them anymore. This teaches me to always be caring and compassionate like God. These are a few questions. I enjoyed writing and learning about the creation of the world. - S.A.

Clothing Drive

The 5th grade organized a very successful school-wide campaign to collect warm clothing and blankets for donation to families in the New York area. Thank you to everyone who donated something! Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Mr. Mark Wiseman for leading this campaign.

The 5th Grade Class
Kindergarten Thanksgiving Celebration

Kindergarten A and B spent a wonderful afternoon together celebrating Thanksgiving as a community. Through story, song, and eating delicious holiday foods that the classes prepared, the boys and girls learned the true meaning of the special day!
Eighth Grade Chesed Trip

Earlier this week, the eighth grade students went to help at the Masbia Food Pantry. Here are some thoughts about the visit from the students:

On Wednesday, November 21, the 8th grade students were taken to the Masbia soup kitchen by Morah Aharoni to help them prepare for the people who come in. The Masbia soup kitchen is basically a restaurant where people who can’t afford food go there and eat. When they finish their meals, the soup kitchen then gives them packages of food to take home.
On the chesed trip we bagged up onions and moved many boxes and crates up and down stairs. The trip was very meaningful to me because I got to do a big mitzvah by helping out the less fortunate. - S.K.

On Wednesday, November 21st, the eighth grade class traveled with Morah Aharoni to the Masbia Soup Kitchen in Forest Hills. There, we packed food that was later to be distributed to the needy. We learned how to work as a team to get the packing done. At first, it was hard making all those packages, but later on, it became much easier when working as a team. We learned a lot about teamwork and being sensitive to others’ needs. The Masbia that we went to is located in my neighborhood. Every day when I walk home from school, I see people lining up in front of it, to receive packages of food. I never understood how it works, but last Wednesday I had a chance to work at Masbia and help out those in need myself. It was very gratifying to know that I was giving back to my own community. The Masbia coordinator, Ruben, taught us about the nutritional needs of older people. Proud volunteers served others with dignity and respect. This experience has taught me the value of volunteering and giving back and being considerate of others. It was fun and a learning opportunity at the same time - doing a mitzvah with my friends. Thank you Morah Aharoni for organizing this trip! I hope we can do this again! -R.M.

Boys Basketball Team Wins

Congratulations to the SSSQ Boys Basketball team on their win last night against HarTorah!

News from the PTA

Upcoming Events

11/30/18- 12/1/18 - 8th Grade Shabbaton with SSLI at HJC
12/2/18 - Open House
12/2/18 - First night of Chanukah
12/5/18 - 8th grade goes to Margaret Tietz Nursing Home
12/5/18 - Middle School dance at SSLI
12/6/18 - Chanukah Zimriah
12/5/18 & 12/6/18 - Book Fair
12/9/18 - PTA "Let's Skate and Celebrate"

Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 11/30/18 - 4:10 PM
Havdalah - 12/01/18 - 5:13 PM

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