Week of November 8 and November 15 2018
Student Elections

Student government elections were held last week. Congratulations to all the candidates on an excellent campaign !
Veteran's Day Play

Last Friday, Class 3A and 3B gave a presentation to the Lower School about Veteran's Day. In their presentation, they explained how Veteran's Day got started, and why it so important to celebrate this day. The Third Grade also encouraged the audience to thank all veterans for keeping us safe and for their service to our country. 
The classes did an excellent job, and should be very proud of their performance.

Warm Clothing Drive

Dear Parents,

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, and temperatures dropping, the fifth grade students are thinking about those less fortunate members of our community. Sadly, there are struggling families in New York City who do not have warm clothing or blankets. We would like to collect whatever you can spare and donate them to the charity at Ezra Academy of Queens for distribution. We are looking for any gently used coats, blankets, boots, sweaters, hats, gloves and warm shirts that you or your kids have outgrown, or have stopped wearing. Please send a bag of whatever you have to school no later than Wednesday November 21st . Our students will be collecting them from each classroom.

We have so much to be thankful for. It is so important that we share our blessings with others.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and participation.

Mark Wiseman and the 5th grade students,
Fifth Grade Visits the Coney Island Aquarium

Earlier this week, the fifth grade students visited Coney Island Aquarium. Here are some thoughts about the visit from one of the students:

When we first went into the aquarium we saw a huge tank filled with different types of fish and lots of stingrays. Traveling further in we saw Clownfish and huge Pacu fish as well as some others. Then we went to the sharks. They were awesome! There was this huge glass tank that curved above us so that they were swimming above our heads. Finally, we saw the big sharks. Sand Tiger sharks were one of the species that was swimming in a tank almost as big as the last. After 2 hours there, we left. - A.S.

News from the PTA

Upcoming Events

11/19/18 - Grade 7 trip honoring the memory of Solomon Schechter
11/19/18 - Grade 2 goes to Coney Island Aquarium
11/22/18-11/23/18 - Thanksgiving break - no school
11/29/18 - Afternoon/Evening Parent Teacher Conferences - Early dismissal for students at 12:30
12/2/18 - Open House
12/2/18 - First night of Chanukah

Parshat HaShavua
Candle lighting - 11/16/18 - 4:18 PM
Havdalah - 11/17/18 - 5:19 PM

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