Week of October 25, 2018 and Week of November 1, 2018
Middle School Tzedakah

We are proud of our Middle School students, under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Ben-Harari, who raised money for Yachad, and organization that helps create programs and services for children and adults with disabilities.

Yasher Koach!
The Sin of the Golden Calf

In Morah Ben-Harari’s 71 Chumash class, we learned about the Chet Haegel (the sin of the Golden Calf). After we finished learning about it, Morah Ben-Harari asked us to write about the significance of the Chet Haegel. Here are my thoughts.

The significance of the Chet Haegel to the Israelites is to never jump to conclusions and abandon someone that has an important place in your life. The Chet Haegel taught the Israelites not to take things for granted. The negative result from the sin was that G-d got really upset at the Israelites and almost gave up on the Jewish people. I have learned that when the Israelites wanted something they wanted it right away. They had no patience and that was the big sin of the B’nei Israel. Moshe showed the Israelites that the Golden Calf was only a destroyable object while G-d is not. If Moshe wouldn't have convinced G-d to forgive the Israelites, the Torah and G-d would have stopped protecting them. If the cycle would have stopped, G-d wouldn't be respected or feared by the other nations because the Israelites would not be here to glorify His name.

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Assembly

Below are some student thoughts regarding the assembly.

On October 22nd, we had a Memorial Day for Yitzhak Rabin led by Morah Navon. He was a very special man in our history and made many good things happen. Hebrew 71 had a presentation about this very important man. Each kid had a fact to say about him and then someone sang “Shir la Shalom” which is a song about peace. Yitzhak Rabin was the fifth Prime Minister of Israel. Yitzhak Rabin was sadly assassinated on November 4th, 1995 in Tel Aviv. Many people learned from our presentation about Yitzhak Rabin and everyone was very emotional after watching some clips about him on this very sad day. Most importantly, Yitzhak Rabin will never be forgotten and we all learned something about him.

בשיעורים של מורה נבון למדנו על יצחק רבין. הצגנו גם מצגת עליו, ולמדנו מזה הרבה.
יצחק רבין נולד במַרץ 1922 בירושלים. בבית הספר למד חקלאות. הוא שירת במשך 27 שנים בצבא הישראלי. רבין היה שגריר ישראל באמריקה. ב -1974 הוא היה ראש ממשלה בפעם הראשונה. הוא ניסה לעשות שלום בין הישראלים לפלסטינאים. רבין נבחר שוב לראשות הממשלה. הוא זכה בפרס נובל לשלום. הוא חתם על הסכם שלום עם ירדן. יגאל עמיר רצח אותו, וזה היה טרגדיה גדולה מאוד. בגלל זה אנחנו זוכרים את יצחק רבין, שהיה אדם כל כך מדהים ונדיב.


This past Monday, Middle School Students held a special assembly remembering the 11 victims of the Pittsburgh tragedy. May their memories be for a blessing.

This weekend, the SSSQ community is joining with the AJC Global Jewish Advocacy in honoring the memory of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims and standing up to Antisemitism and all forms of hate by participating in the nationwide #ShowUpForShabbat campaign.

AJC is calling on Jewish communities across the country—along with elected officials, religious and civic leaders, and other allies, both Jewish and non-Jewish—to flock to synagogues this coming Shabbat (Friday night and Saturday, November 2-3).

Please click here for more information and check out their Facebook page here.

Our Words Can Hurt

The first grade spent time this week discussing bullying and how words we speak cannot be taken back and will stick to someone’s heart.

We began our first lesson by having fun with toothpaste. Working with partners, the children squeezed all of the toothpaste out of their tube onto a heart. Then they were asked to put the toothpaste back into their tube. After many attempts, they realized it could not be done. We all learned that just like the toothpaste, words that are spoken stick to our hearts and cannot be taken back.

The children then took turns picking words from a bag and deciding if their word should be stuck to a heart or the garbage can.

Later we all shared stories about a time we felt bullied and a time when we may have behaved like a bully.

Finally, we all promised to think about our words before speaking in the future.
News from the PTA

Save the dates for these upcoming events from the SSSQ PTA

12/5-12/6 - Barnes and Noble Book Fair

12/9 - Last night of Chanukah - Let's Skate and Celebrate at United Skates of America in Seaford Long Island
Toda Raba

A special thank you to The Bobrow family for their very generous donation
of plants. As a result, SSSQ PTA sold $1,257 in sales!
Upcoming Events

11/2/18 - Early Dismissal begins (1:20 for students in grade Shorashim, K-8, 2:20 for Pre-K)
11/4/18 - Turn clocks back one hour
11/5/18 - Grade 7 to Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera to see Mefistofele
11/6/18 - Election Day, Staff Development Day - no school for students
11/9/18 - Veteran's Day Performance by 3rd grade students
11/12/18 - Veteran's Day Observed - no school
11/12/18-11/15/18 - Grade 6 trip to Teva
11/15/18 - AAA Safety Presentation for Early Childhood students
11/19/18 - Grade 7 trip honoring memory of Solomon Schechter

Parshat HaShavua
Chayei Sarah
Candle lighting - 11/2/18 - 5:32 PM
Havdalah - 11/3/18 - 6:31 PM

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