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A Note from the President

Hello!  We are glad you have come to the South Shore Women's Business Network website.  As your new President of the Board of Directors for 2017, I am excited about the past successes and future posibilities for the SSWBN!  For its 26-year history, SSWBN has brought business professionals together to... 
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The Friends of Mel Foundation is dedicated to helping empower people, touched by cancer, through education and patient support and wellness initiatives.

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Our January meeting was a huge success.   Be sure to register for our February Business After Hours Meeting and keep the networking momentum going!!   (Please note that registration is best from a desktop computer.)

You can even host one of our Business After Hours events!  If you have any interest please contact our board of directors to learn more.

My Pick for Your # 1 Must-Have Tool
Easy to get, a basic building block, &  affordable!!   by Christy Kendrick 

SSWBN Board of Directors, Moderator of Work it Wednesday Networking Group
You meet someone for the 1st time at an event.  The 2nd time you see her (or him), you remember her name.  How does that make her feel?  How would that make you feel if it happened to you?
It's a good feeling  :  you listened at your  1st meet-up and cared enough to remember her name.  You chat at the 2nd event.   Her thoughts are that  you are a business person who might be good to do business with because you listen and you care....and you start building a relationship....
It is not a mistake to have your name tag on wherever you are.  It is an ice breaker.  It shows you are approachable. After all, anyone can then say "Hello, Christy.  How's your day going? "
That is the beginning of a conversation.  Who knows who you will meet at the grocery store, the dentist's office or the tire store waiting room.  You could be meeting your next big client or a contractor for whom you've been searching;  or  it could be  someone who knows someone who needs your product or service!
A GREAT name tag is a GREAT tool.   Get a badge holder from an office supply or saved from an event you attended. On your computer, create a badge insert that fits your holder.  Plain or fancy, make the type font easy to read and large enough so it can be read from a reasonable distance and in dim light. Test it out.
 Where it proudly, but remember to leave it in your car when you get home & park.  Up over the visor is a handy spot.  Magically,  it is there when you attend your next event.  Get a back up :  try to keep 2 name tags in the car.
A final comment regarding the importance of name tags:   For those that experience difficulty in remembering names :  wearing a name tag  gives  people a better chance to remember your name.  Ideally,  they would be wearing a tag, too, to help you remember.   
In any case, my suggestion is to create  a memory aid to help you   à YTry to think of a word that will trigger your memory of the person's name.  For instance, when I met Courtney, I said to myself " I am courting time with Courtney".   Artist, Jessie Fries à   French Fries (also helps remember how to pronounce her name).  Patti Funder is Fun !   Cheryl Terrill - à well,  that's an easy one, it rhymes!  Sonny Ericson sells solar energy à Son...son...sun.  Make it a fun game , a contest, see the results!  
Good luck.  Let me know how you make out.  Feel free to contact me!  
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