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A Message from the President~

What a fantastic couple of weeks this has been!   W e have rounded out Quarter 1 in 2017 with a great turnout at our breakfast meeting to support The Friends of Mel Foundation.  Thank you to all of our board, our members and our guests for making our donation of $1,000 possible!

I was so honored to have many people at our breakfast meeting supporting our 1st quarter charity, as well as our 26 year organization.  Last week I took a field trip to our office and was so proud to see years of cumulative SSWBN memorabilia and I look forward to sharing some of those findings with you!  

I'm really excited to invite you to have coffee with me, every 3rd Friday of each month, beginning next week, April 21st from 9-10:30am.  Please see our website to register here and remember it's best to register on our website from a desktop computer.

Looking ahead, I'm excited for all of our future possibilities together in 2017 and beyond.

Sincerely yours, 
Nicole Perry~
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April 27th, 5:30-7:30p

Proudly hosted by  Cathy Follett w/Renovisions  
& Entertainment provided by DJ Roger Leary!

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50/50 Raffle to support Viv's Give!

You too can host one of our Business After Hours events!  If you have any interest please contact our board of directors to learn more.
2017 New Member Mentions!

  • Stefanie Chiapetta, Mary Kay
  • Sandra Childs, Edward Jones
  • Lee Darst, Law Offices of Lee Darst
  • Collins Emerhi, 24 Hours Care
  • Allyson Johnson, An Improved You
  • Doreen Lang, Lang & Associates
  • Patricia Lynch, Bridgewater Savings
  • Helen Paris, Eastern Bank
  • Susan Saraca, One Hope
  • Renee St. James, Get in Shape for Women
  • Patty Sullivan, Palmetto Solar
  • Matt Vacher, Painting with a Twist

You can support our Quarterly Causes in a big way!  


SSWBN 2nd Quarter 
Charitable Cause:

Viv's Give is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization founded by Elizabeth Conrad.  Viv's Give is dedicated to supporting families in need, specifically babies who need the very basics to thrive.  We all know how expensive it is to purchase diapers and formula, and Viv's Give is on a mission to try and help out anyone who is having a tough time making ends meet.  Viv's Give is proudly supported by WIC, Boston Children's Hospital, Bay State Community Health Care & more.   

Please be sure to join us for our 2nd Quarter events to help support Viv's Give!
A Thank you from our Lunch & Learn host Lee Darst~
I would like to thank all of the members and guests who attended the Lunch and Learn on March 22, 2017 where I spoke about the need for an Estate Planning Checklist and how the specific needs of an individual for Estate Planning Documents, changes following significant life changes, such as a divorce or reaching the age of majority.  It was a pleasure to speak to the SSWBN members & guests.
Protecting Your Children at College

As graduation season is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share with you all, how such an Estate Plan could serve as a gift to the recent graduate in your life. 
As parents are getting ready to send their adult children off on their next adventures in life, there are a few legal documents parents can consider completing to keep their children prepared for the future. 
A great gift for any recent graduate is a Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and HIPPA Medical Release.
Once a child is over the age of eighteen, they are legally considered an adult and parents no longer have legal authority over the child's medical or financial affairs.  Having these documents handy can help relieve some of the stress that goes along with a child leaving the home.  These documents give parents the opportunity to speak to creditors, insurance agents, doctors, or any other medical or financial institute on behalf of the adult child.  Having these documents does not mean that the child cannot speak on their own behalf to medical or financial professionals; it simply gives the parent the option to speak on their child's behalf if they wish.  When thinking about creating these documents for your adult child, consider what each document entails.   
What is a Health Care Proxy and HIPPA Medical Release?
A Health Care Proxy is a legal document that allows the adult child to name a person to be in charge of making health care decisions on their behalf if they are ever unable to do so for themselves.  
            Having a Health Care Proxy is extremely beneficial for an adult child and their parents.  If anything was to ever happen to the adult child while away at school, for example, the Health Care Proxy document would give the Parent or Guardian the legal ability to make the medical decisions for the child in the event that the child is mentally incapacitated.  The benefit of a Health Care Proxy document goes beyond the college years as well.  Until the adult child has another adult in their life that they trust, a Health Care Proxy should be completed naming the Parents as the Proxy. 
The HIPPA Medical Release gives the designee the ability to speak with medical professionals and request and review medical records.   
What is a Power of Attorney?
A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows the adult child to name a person to be in charge of their financial affairs should they be unable to do so for themselves.  Along with college usually come student loans and financial tuition packages.  A power of attorney would give the parent, for example, the ability to speak with the Bursar's office at the child's college and with the financial institute that is handling the student loans and accounts.  This can relieve a lot of stress on the student as well as the parents who may be financing the child's education, by being able to monitor the amount of the loan as well as payments.  In addition, the benefit of the Power of Attorney goes beyond the college years.
There are many different types of Power of Attorney's that can be completed including a full or general power of attorney which gives the parent the complete right to conduct business on the adult child's behalf.  There is also a limited power of attorney which can be tailored to whatever the child and parent decide.  An example would be that the parent can speak to the Bursar's office about their student loans and accounts but is unable to have access to their child's bank account if that is the directions by the creator.  Finally, a durable power of attorney remains in effect if the child becomes incapacitated for any reason. 
Each of these documents is equally important and could both be considered seriously.   

Sincerely Yours,

Lee Darst
Hingham, MA

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