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A Message from the President ~

Happy New Year!
As we start our new year, I believe it's important to reflect on some of the key milestones and accomplishments of 2017.
It was an amazing journey for many of us here at SSWBN.  We could not have done as much as we did without the Board of Directors and other key people who volunteered to fill various committee chair positions.  This model of utilizing committee chairs worked so well that the Board agreed to use it again in 2018.  What a great help they've been!  Members are more engaged in leadership roles and we know this will foster and encourage succession into Board positions for the future.
With Reiko Beach's help and guidance, we made many improvements to the website, easing new member registration, member profile updates, and membership renewal processes. 
We grew our membership by 36 people.  Nice job! 
We sponsored four deserving local charities and raised $4,000 to donate.  They were the Friends of Mel Foundation, Viv's Give, Calmer Choice, and Crossroads for Kids. Thank you all, for your support in our community outreach initiatives. 
In 2017, we also brought back the Lunch and Learns and Coffee with the President, now called Focus Group Coffees and Lunches.  This new format is an opportunity for members to discuss candidly what they want to gain from membership, offer feedback on what they like, and suggest topics for educational events.  I've enjoyed the new format and listened to your input.  The Board and I are incorporating your feedback into some of our key initiatives for 2018.
Our membership voted in our fabulous new 2018 Board, including a wonderful gentleman, Matt Vacher who serves as our Treasurer, Allison Guido as Vice President, Pam Cunningham as Secretary, and Juli Ford Aldaheff, also heading our Membership team.  I appointed Sandi Childs and Stefanie Chiappetta as two additional Board members. 
During our January 2nd Board planning session, we discussed what we each like best about our membership in SSWBN.  Here is what your Board members said:
  • "It offers a comfortable, warm and inviting atmosphere to network and build relationships." ~ Pam Cunningham
  • "I've felt welcomed into a primarily women's organization." ~ Matt Vacher 
  • "This is such an amazing and great group of people." ~ Sandy Childs
  • "I've made some really great connections and have gained valuable clients that have been long lasting." ~ Allison Guido 
  • "We always have great speakers at our Networking Breakfasts, whether they are extremely polished or salt of the earth, everyone is always lifted and inspired." ~ Nicole Perry
  • "We remember how great the group was years and years ago, and that's why we came back." ~ Peggie Warner and Juli Ford Alhadeff
  Here is a brief look into what our key 2018 goals are, including but not limited to the following: 
  • Member focus - Channel our great energy on "doing" for our members and building membership.  Our goal is to add 83 new members this year. 
  • Education - Plan and publish a full year event calendar to include quarterly breakfasts and monthly Business After Hours, Lunch and Learns and Focus Group events. 
  • Modernize our public presence - Implement integrated social media.  I'm happy to report Matt Vacher has already created a Linked In profile for SSWBN.  
  • Community - Determine our charitable focus.  
  • Bylaws - Review and revise bylaws by end of year. 
  • Processes - Streamline and document "back office" processes.
As your 2017-2018 President, I want to personally thank you for your support and your open mindedness, to my energy and my insight. I am proud to have had an amazing outgoing Board with Nancy OKeefe, Cheryl Terrill and Christy Kendrick, all who have poured many years of hard work and effort to keep our organization going strong.  Thank you for guiding me during my first year as President. 
I am beyond excited to build upon our relationships, and I look forward to a great year for all of us in 2018.
Happy New Year everyone!
Sincerely yours,
Nicole Perry~
New Member Mentions!

Welcome to our most recent new members.  We look forward to learning more about you at our meetings & events in the year ahead!

1) Laraine Finneran ~ Liberty Mutual
2) Emily Felix ~ 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors
3) Pati Schiappa ~ Harbor Mortgage Solutions
4) Bridget Hindle Torres ~ BETransformed
                                                       Coaching & Consulting
5) Catherine (Casey) Baird ~ Fred Astaire Dance
6) Anne Fleming ~ Juice Plus

A total of 36 new members in 2017~!!!

Upcoming SSWBN Events

Be sure to register for our next Business After Hours meeting on January 25th, hosted by Sandy Childs with Edward Jones in Plymouth. 

Here's a list of our events in January and February. 

January 9  Lunch & Learn Shuffled Motivation with Nicole Perry
January 19 Focus Group Coffee Coffee with the President
January 25 Business After Hours Business Card Swap, hosted by Sandy Childs, of Edward Jones

February Lunch & Learn TBA
February 16 Focus Group Coffee Coffee with the President
February 22 Business After Hours Hosted by Randy Veraguas, of Atria Marina Place

Members: Free, Non-members $10. 
Please register at (desktop best)

2018 1st Quarter Networking Breakfast

Save the date! Please plan to join us for SSWBN's 2018 1st Quarter Breakfast and a morning filled with networking and inspiration. 

March 29, 2018
7:30 - 9:30 am
Linden Ponds
Derby Clubhouse
203 Ponds Way
Hingham, MA 02043

SSWBN Members: $20, Non-Members: $30
Please register at (desktop best)


December Quarterly Breakfast and Annual Meeting
"Best Networking Ever"

This is what several attendees remarked after December's breakfast meeting. Each attendee had to answer three questions about "crossroads" we experienced in our businesses in 2017, what we learned from them, and what we see as new crossroads on 2018. Then share them with the rest of the members and guests at the table. The coaching, collaboration and support were incredible. Thank you, Eric Cohen, for planning and organizing the networking game.

We celebrated our charitable partner this quarter, Crossroads for Kids, and donated $1,000 to them. Crossroads, established in 1936, has a mission to empower youth to unlock their potential and positively impact the world.  Crossroads believes that long-term empowerment programs plus consistent positive relationships are the keys to transforming youth who risk being defined by their past into young adults capable of defining their futures.  

Thank you to all of you who generously donated a great selection of raffle prizes at our quarterly breakfast in December to benefit our community outreach to Crossroads for Kids. 

Laura Bradeen, Primerica 
~ Handmade (by Laura) shell necklace and earrings won by Pam Cunningham.

Lee Darst, Law Offices of Lee Darst 
~ Holiday wine and candy gift basket won by Lisa Dooley.

Donna Emschweiler, Independent Beauty Consultant Cosmetics 
~ Mary Kay Beauty Bundle won by Alison Schirone.

Carolyn Jenkins, Essentially Holy 
~ Aromatherapy oils, car diffuser, and hypnotherapy won by Pam Cunningham.

Christy Kendrick, Work it Wednesday's Referral Networ
~ Holiday Floral arrangement won by Laura Willis.

Rosemarie Lanchester, Everything You Wish For 
~ $50 Gift certificate for EFT treatment won by Jean Delaney.

Barry Lane, Cape Cod Lumber 
~ 3 CCL Hoodie Sweatshirts won by Pat Lynch and Jacquie McLellan.

Pat Lynch, Bridgewater Savings 
~ Lindt truffles won by Pam Cunningham.

Susan Saraca, ONEHOPE Wine 
~ Gift of Wine won by Donna Emschweiler.

Laura Willis, Encore Revolution 
~ Holiday art glass candy dish with candy won by Pat Lynch.

Lisa Dooley won our 50/50 raffle and donated her half ($60.00) to CROSSROADS, our 4th quarter charitable cause.

Thank You to our Board Vice President Allison Guido with Almar Building & Remodeling for your contributing educational article!
Your Home is Your Palace
Tips for Winter Maintenance
by Allison Guido,  General Manager/Partner -
Almar Building & Remodeling Co.

As any homeowner knows, our house needs constant love and attention. There are some basic maintenance items that we should be tackling each month. Here are some basic home maintenance suggestions to keep things running smoothly this winter.


1.    Change Furnace Filters - Change your air filter to extend furnace life, reduce energy bills, keep your system clean and improve indoor air quality. Most systems need good air flow to work properly, which it can't get with dirty filters.


2.   Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors - Make sure all your carbon monoxide detectors are correctly installed, at least one per floor of your house, and more than 10 feet from carbon monoxide sources. Carbon monoxide can be lethal, be sure your alarms are working. Test smoke detectors and change back up batteries.  Replace faulty or old detectors. 


3.   Tighten any handles, knobs, racks etc.


4.   Check and clean range hood fans - The purpose of a range hood filter is to collect grease, so if it's doing its job correctly, it's going to look and feel, well, greasy. Over time the filter becomes blocked with grease and it loses its effectiveness, which is why it's important to clean these filters periodically.  Hot, sudsy water and a scrub brush should do the trick.


5.   Clean and inspect your basement - This will help make sure you don't find any foundation cracking, water leaking etc...Also make sure you have a clear path to any utilities in the basement.


6.   Vacuum refrigerator coils - Do it twice a year or more often if you have shedding pets. Their fur clogs up the coils fast. Condenser coils are located on the back of the fridge or across the bottom. These coils cool and condense the refrigerant. When the coils are clogged with dirt and dust, they can't efficiently release heat. The result is your compressor works harder and longer than it was designed to, using more energy and shortening the life of your fridge.


7.   Run water and flush toilets in unused space - This is to prevent grime or other build up. You should regularly run some water and flush toilets to prevent this.


8.   Clean garbage disposal - Crush ice, baking soda, citrus rinds - this will help eliminate odors.


Like regular oil changes, small preventive home maintenance may save you thousands in the long run. 

Almar Building & Remodeling Co (Hanover Ma). As a third generation family owned and operated company for over 59 years Almar Building has all the benefits of a small company with the options of a larger company. From Additions, Kitchens, Bathroom, Basement Renovations, Siding, Windows, to Doors
If you have questions about your home improvement project please let us know. (781-826-2577) and watch our videos at

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