The South Shore Women's Business Network is dedicated to serving our members, supporting our community and to helping facilitate innovative & productive networking meetings, right here on the South Shore!
A Message from the President ~

My kids are a tad bit too old for Charlotte's Web, but I am not, and the greeting continues to stand the test of time!  SSWBN has stood the test of time since 1991 and we continue our commitment to supporting our members in every way we can. 
I value attending our networking events because they are chock-full of positive, fun, energetic members and guests who all have a desire to build long-lasting relationships. We all want to share why we are so passionate about what we do, but mostly we want to learn about the other passionate business owners in our community.  
Whether you like to meet other professionals in a smaller Focus Group gathering, gain valuable inspiration and knowledge from a Lunch and Learn, or attend one of our Business After Hours, we have many of these great gatherings on the horizon. Keep checking our website and watching for our email notifications to stay in the loop and mark your calendars!
This is your network! RSVP now to our March Quarterly Networking Breakfast! This Quarter SSWBN recognizes School On Wheels.
I want to thank our Board, our Chairs, and our Members for keeping the energy fun, positive, and easy!
Thank you to all of our guests who have taken the time to see what we are all about. Take action today! Now is a fantastic time to join the SSWBN family!
Sincerely yours,
Nicole Perry~
2017/2018 President
New Member Mentions!

Welcome to our most recent new members.  We look forward to learning more about you at our meetings & events in the year ahead!

1) Heidi Zazza ~ Heidi's Hounds
2) Jennifer Enos ~ Fairway Independent Mortgage
3) Phyllis Simonetta ~ Open Wings Healing 
4) Jenn Goodale ~ Jenn Goodale, CPA 
5) Marissa Bresnahan~ Alzheimers Association
6) Linda Greenberg ~ FireTail Marketing   
7) Alexa Mislitski, Atty. ~ Ardito, Sweeney, Stusse,
                                       Robertson & Dupuy, PC
8) Amy Goldman~ TriNet
9) Anna Foster ~ A Maven's World Brand
10) Joanna Sayce 
11) Stacey Coyne ~ Rockland Trust

Upcoming SSWBN Events

Be sure to register for our next Business After Hours meeting on April 26th, hosted by Raquel Mullaney, of 1620 Wine Bar in Plymouth. 

Here's a list of our events in January and February. 

March 14 Lunch & Learn Housing Wealth: Are you living in your pot of gold? Patti Schiappa, Harbor Mortgage Solutions
March 23 Lunch Focus Group Strategies That Strike Gold
March 29 Quarterly Breakfast March Quarterly Networking Breakfast

April Lunch & Learn TBA
April 20 Focus Group Coffee Spring Business Cleaning
April 26 Business After Hours Kentucky Derby Hat Contest,
Hosted by Raquel Mullaney, of 1620 Wine Bar

Members: Free, Non-members $10. 
Please register at (desktop best)

March Quarterly Networking 
Breakfast  Charitable Partner
School on Wheels

We are looking forward to celebrating our charitable partner School on Wheels at our March Quarterly Breakfast.  School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA) was founded in 2004 by Cheryl Opper, teacher and child advocate, after reading a magazine article about the founder of  School on Wheels of California . Cheryl was inspired to bring the one-on-one academic program to Massachusetts to support children struggling to stay on track in school while experiencing homelessness.  SOWMA now provides customized services for more than 200 students a week in grades K-12  at  12 program sites , as well as 35 college students currently enrolled at colleges and universities throughout New England.  School on Wheels of Massachusetts is the third program in the country. The organization is privately funded through individuals, civic organizations, businesses and foundations.

Thank you to Patti Schiappa, of Harbor Mortgage Solutions for your contributing educational article!

"If you change the way you look at things
the things you look at change."
.....Wayne Dyer

My experience, both professional and personal, has demonstrated that utilizing home equity in retirement needs to be considered. Many options are available, with the reverse mortgage being one. One that I advocate. As a supporter, I know this puts me in a small misunderstood group. I also think I know why.

Like any financial product, a reverse mortgage is not for everyone or for every situation. When it's the right fit, it is a glorious solution, but when it's not, it can be problematic. Applied to the wrong situation, the product can inadvertently adopt the blame for the situation if it's not the right solution. Consequently, this product has had to carry the burden of a bad reputation and negative perception. In my opinion, this is due to misunderstanding and lack of education; among homeowners and professionals alike. The good news is, this is changing.

Along with more conscientious and responsible guidelines implemented by HUD, and the obvious growing need to supplement retirement plans, home equity is finally gaining financial industry respect and being considered by industry professionals.  

Shedding the heavy burden as the option of last resort, financial professionals are starting to see the reverse mortgage as an option of FUNDAMENTAL resort. When this product is implemented in advance of a particular need, andapplied to the right situation, it can and will, create a reliable back up financial resource.

With so many boomers retiring with a plan that lacks longevity, and the likelihood of outliving those reserves, the growing reverse credit line can double as a life line. Unlike managed assets that can lose value, or a traditional line of credit that can be frozen, the reverse credit line is guaranteed. Uniquely, the reverse credit line will also grow month after month. So, the earlier you put that in motion, the larger it can grow.  

The time has come to consider home equity in retirement, to explore what option works best for you. The home is the largest asset for a large number of retirees and has been overlooked for far too long. It's just that simple.

A change in approach is long overdue.

It's time to take a fresh look.

For more information, please visit  our blog @

  Patti Schiappa                                                           
Housing Wealth Specialist
Individual NMLS 22026
Company NMLS 2846


Thank you to Phyllis Simonetta, of Open Wings Healing for your contributing educational article!

The Power to Heal Yourself 
and Others With Reiki
by Phyllis Simonetta

What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is energy healing for our body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a simple noninvasive light touch or no touch Japanese technique. Reiki energy is transferred through the Reiki practitioner to the recipient. It supports the bodies natural ability to return to a balanced and healthy state of being. In Japanese the word Reiki means universal life force energy. Life force energy is the energy that flows through all living things. When our life force energy becomes unbalanced, stuck or sluggish we become sick, anxious or stressed.
There are many different kinds of Reiki energy. Holy Fire ll Reiki is an upgrade to the Usui system of Reiki. Usui Reiki began with a man named Mikao Usui in 1922. In 2014 William Rand, founder of the International Center For Reiki Training, became aware of a new kind of energy and introduced the Holy Fire Reiki upgrade. In 2015 Holy Fire was upgraded again to Holy Fire ll. Holy Fire powerfully yet gently purifies, heals, empowers and guides each receiver to their optimal state of health. Holy Fire comes from a higher consciousness which brings more refined healing experiences. It works continually to help each person be their best version by developing their best personality traits. In other words, Holy Fire guides us to our highest and best selves. The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it with a Reiki practitioner.
Why Would You Want To Have a Reiki Session?
Reiki fills us with valuable life force energy. Just like water is essential to a flower's vibrancy life force energy is essential to our quality of life. The daily responsibilities of everyday life and traumas of any kind can clog our energy system. Reiki recharges your energy system. It personally works with you to alleviate or eliminate pain, reduce stress and increase relaxation. It helps you heal physically, spiritually and emotionally while completely filling you with a sense of love and security.
       Although Reiki does not take the place of appropriate medical care it does works in conjunction with it. Reiki is an intelligent energy source and it knows what you need and where you need it. What you need varies with each session. Reiki is a wonderful and effective way to give your whole self an energy boost.
What Happens During a Reiki Session At Open Wings Healing?
First, new clients fill out a contact and information form. Then, we take a few minutes to talk about your goals and desired outcome with the session. Next, you lie fully clothed on a Reiki table with the option of a blanket and eye mask. Soft Reiki music is playing, candles are lit and incense is burning. The Reiki directs me to the space above your physical body and around your head, abdomen, legs and feet. Finally, when the session is complete (after 45-55 minutes) I guide your awareness back to the room. Experiences in a Reiki session are unique to each individual and no session is ever the same. However, each recipient typically experiences a deep sense of relaxation.
Taking a Reiki Class
Taking Reiki classes and receiving the Placements for each level provide the ability to give yourself Reiki as well as others including animals, plants and things. Classes include a history of Usui/HolyFire ll Reiki, discussion about What Reiki is and tools and techniques for enhancing a Reiki session.
Infuse Your Life With Reiki!
In Peace, Love and Reiki,
Phyllis Simonetta
Usui/HolyFire ll Reiki Master Teacher
Open Wings Healing
(781) 929-5825

SSWBN Members Corner
        STANDING O!!!
Congratulations to members Michelle Woodbrey and Alyson Tobin of 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors for a recent feature article and interview in BostonVoyager Magazine. Michelle and Alyson, sisters, are Certified Senior Advisors who founded 2Sisters. Click here to read the article.

                STANDING O!!!          
Our very own Nicole Perry was recently featured in South Shore Living magazine's March issue in an article titled "Women Who Mean Business" the business of networking. Here is her interview in which she highlights SSWBN. To view the full article you'll need to purchase the magazine.