November 2018
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Sweeter Bonuses for Women This Year as Wall Street Confronts Gap
by Sonali Basak, Bloomberg
Wall Street leaders are facing heavier pressure this year to make their workplaces more attractive to women with better pay and faster promotions. That’s going to be top of mind as managers set bonuses in coming weeks.

Congress's Incoming Class is Younger, Bluer & More Diverse Than Ever
by Beatrice Lin, Politico
We looked at the newest additions to the House and Senate — 100 non-incumbent winners — and found their average age is 49. That makes this incoming class the youngest in the past three cycles. It is also the most diverse cohort to date. Forty (40) of the new members are women, 36 in the House and 4 in the Senate.

The Most Powerful Woman in Investing Gives a Rare Interview
by Peggy Collins & Charles Stein, Bloomberg
Abigail Johnson, who succeeded her father as Fidelity's chief executive officer in 2014, gave a rare interview to Bloomberg Markets and brought along Kathleen Murphy, who leads the personal investing unit responsible for the new funds. 

How to Cope When You Lose Your Work Wife
by Jacqueline DeMarco, Career Contessa
I missed my work wives. You read that right, wives. Scandalous, I know. Before Career Contessa I’d managed to make two very close  friends at work  who always knew how to make me laugh when I was stressed or set me straight when I needed some outside perspective. Over time my work besties became real life friends who I’d turn to for more than work woes.
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