Volume 12
Your quarterly news & updates
In February, STAN held its AGM and welcomed five new board members to the table. We are excited to present them to you:
CSPC 2019 will be held in Ottawa, Ontario, on November 13-15, 2019, at the Westin Hotel. The conference will bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, politicians, journalists, students and many others from across the country to discuss, exchange ideas, and mobilize knowledge regarding the present and future of Canadian science, technology, and innovation policy.
Save the Dates! Science Odyssey May 4-19, 2019

Science Odyssey 2019 is right around the corner! The 16-day national science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) celebration will take place from May 4-19, 2019.  
Stay tuned!
Registration of events is already underway. We will also continue to profile your organization on the Science Odyssey Facebook, Twitter and Instagram year-round. If you have something to share, please let us know! [ . . . ]

The Power in Possibilities: Techsploration launches online video series promoting women in STEM
In such a digital-age, video is a major source of information and particularly important for youth who live in rural regions who may not have access to visible female role models in their community. Based on this knowledge, Techsploration, a Nova Scotia-based not-for-profit and member of STAN, developed a new online video series to highlight inspiring women succeeding in STEM and skilled-trades related fields. [ . . . ]

Workshop for Information Educators
June 3 - 21 • FREE!
Designed for for Park employees, Summer Camp Guides, After-school educators.
Visit www.discovertheuniverse.ca for more information.
Don't miss the next STAN Webinar on May 22!
Félix Maltais
Join our first webinar presented in French with guest speaker, Félix Maltais, the founder of the
 educational movement Les Débrouillards .

During his webinar, Mr. Maltais will discuss various aspects of scientific communication, including the relationships between the various players in the field, as well as between governments; the evolution of science culture over the past 40 years; and the role of traditional media and institutions in the era of social networks and fake news. 
Get ready to develop your communications chops, discover new things and expand your #scicomm network on your visit to Canada’s Heart — Manitoba!

The Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Conference will focus on the North and Indigenous knowledge, with forays into water, health, agriculture and tech. 
KCJ’s #kids2030 initiative brings AI and the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development to the forefront of kids’ education. The future of AI needs input from its most important stakeholders: kids. We’re providing them with the skills to thrive, the knowledge to make informed decisions, and the tools they need to use code and AI to tackle big—and small—problems in their community and around the world by 2030. 
By 2030, KCJ will educate over 1,000,000 kids and 50,000 educators on the ethics of AI and on using technology to achieve the UN’s Global Goals.