This year has definitely not gone as normal and we know that STAR Events can be a stressful time for advisers and students.

After careful consideration and discussion with several advisers in charge of regional STAR Events we have made the decision to cancel regional competitions. Competitors will now advance to the state level competition directly.

We hope that this will reduce the stress of preparing for competition in an already stressful year. This also means we will also be adjusting the affiliation and registration deadline.

NEW affiliation and STAR Events registration deadline: Friday, January 22.

We have also made the decision that state STAR Events will be held virtually this year. We know that many schools have travel restrictions in place but we want to allow as many students as possible the opportunity to compete.

We will also be removing the limit on entries for the FCCLA Knowledge state only event. Chapters will be allowed to register as many students as they would like for this event.

Additional information will be released as it is available.