This semester is moving quickly! Many of you are starting to focus on STAR Events competitions so I think now is an important time to send an update regarding STAR Events for this year.

As a reminder, ALL regional STAR Events competitions will be held virtually this year. You should follow the guidelines outlined for virtual competition in the competitive events guide.

Since all regional competitions will be held virtually, ALL regions will follow the same timeline for competition. Our hope is that this will reduce confusion and it allows the state office to assist those advisers and coordinators in charge of STAR Events throughout the process.

Our current plans for the overall timeline are as follows:
  • December 18- Registration deadline (this includes submitting volunteers names)
  • January 4-7- Students will submit project documents and video link
  • January 8-11- Advisers will review and submit students submissions
  • January 13-15- Evaluators will review projects
  • January 18-19- Adult room consultants will complete point summary forms and resolve any evaluation issues
  • January 20-22- Regional advisers/coordinators will wrap up information as needed
  • January 25-29- Results will be released via a virtual recognition session or email.

I hope to have all regional registration systems open in the next week. I am waiting on a few pieces of information in order to finalize all of the settings. Once they are ready I will send an email to let you know.

Important event changes due to virtual competition:
  • Culinary Arts will be a straight to state competition (no regional competitions)
  • FCCLA Knowledge will be a state only event (no regional competitions)
  • Job Interview will be the ONLY event that will be a live interaction between evaluators and participants on a video chat platform. All other events will be pre-recorded.

All information and resources will be posted on the competitive events page of the MO FCCLA website. I am working on a variety of documents and pieces of information to help you prepare for this change in format and will release an email when they are ready.

Best of luck to you and your student competitors!