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Welcome back to the new school year! As you start your new semester, STARLINK will be here to assist you throughout the year. We have dug deep and will have numerous and diverse releases for 2015-16 including our current eLibrary of over 200 courses.

Our newest program, "Technology in the Classroom and Online", will be released September 1, 2015. Just added to our repertoire is the first of our Highlight Series, "An Overview of Learning Methodologies".

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Each month we will showcase new state-of-the-art courses and highlight the latest developments. All this will be shared with you, our valued members, as we continue to increase student success!

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Engaging Students

By: Meg Gorzycki, Ed.D.

The engaged student is a student who is active in the learning process and who assumes a large measure of responsibility for learning (Weimer, 2002; Austin, 1984). In engaging students, instructional strategies shift away from the exclusive use of didactic instruction to the use of various strategies that immerse students in "hands-on" and "minds-on" activities. Student engagement is also characterized by:

  1. High levels of student motivation to learn
  2. An emphasis on learning that explores the meaning and significance of what is learned (Barkley, 2010)
  3. Getting students to "do" as the experts "do" in the discipline (Edgerton, 1997)
  4. Routine involvement of students in class activities, such as analysis, evaluation, lab projects, collaborative studies, the application of knowledge, and problem-solving.

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The Teacher's Guide To Open Educational Resources

By: Nicole Comforto

You've probably heard about Open Educational Resources and maybe even used some in your classroom. But the world of OERs is growing constantly, with more quality resources available every day. If you aren't taking advantage of them yet, now is a great time to take a closer look.

What's so great about OERs? Open Educational Resources are learning tools like textbooks, lesson plans, and other media that are in the public domain or openly licensed, meaning that use you can freely use and adapt them. Unlike online resources that are free but not openly licensed, you can adapt OERs as much as you like to your own needs, which makes them an infinitely flexible tool.

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Email and The Void

By: Matt Reed

I've worked at several different colleges now, and at every single one, I've heard the same discussion. It goes like this:

"Why don't students use their college-provided email?"

"Maybe if we forced them to, like by making important things available only that way..."

"But that could impact enrollment and retention."

"Can't they set their emails to forward to whatever address they actually use?"

"Yes, but they don't."

"Maybe if we texted them..."

For a while, many students didn't have internet access outside of class. At this point, though, mobile devices have achieved enough presence that I suspect most students could access email if they wanted to. The issue is that they don't want to.


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