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May 2020
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STARLINK Courses released:
  • Title IX

  • Special Releases:
  • COVID19 : Basics
  • COVID19: Leadership Strategies from Home Officw
  • COVID19: Hygiene, Handwashing, Social Distancing
  • COVID19: Ergonomics and Creating Your Workstation at Home
  • COVID19: Mental Health, Stress Relief

20 Minute Mentors:
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Months? 
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Days? 
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes?
  • How Do I Align Learning Objectives with Technology Using Backward Design?

Trends & Issues:
  • Episode 144: Hardware & Software, Instructional Design, Security & Citizenship, and the Ed Tech Industry
  • Episode 145: Hardware & Software, Security & Citizenships, Online Teaching & Learning, and Instructional Design

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"Turn data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom. " – Neil deGrasse Tyson
6 Ways to Deal with Conflict and Disagreement When You Work Remotely
Having diverse viewpoints on a team makes that team better—but only if everyone on the team is willing to communicate those viewpoints. If people are afraid to disagree, then that diversity of perspectives loses much of its value.

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