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"I am not a teacher, but an awakener." -Robert Frost

The 2017 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

By: EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

An important aspect of being a member of a community is understanding which activities and concerns hold that community together. Knowing what challenges your col-leagues are facing and what innovations they are pursuing can reinforce efforts at your own campus and provide guid-ance about where the community is headed.

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Joe Murphy: On Professional Development, Teaching, and Virtually Connecting

By: Kristi DePaul

"So a music professor and a chemistry professor are trading teaching tips, and..."

Sound like the beginning of a joke? At Kenyon College, the only thing funny about faculty interaction across disciplines, perhaps, is how swiftly it's taken hold. (Academia doesn't exactly have a reputation for rapid movement.)

There's no punchline in this case, however. It's the opening to an actual story about how faculty members are swapping ideas, best practices, and helping one another to solve an array of teaching challenges in fields they've perhaps never studied.

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Tell Better Stories in Your Classroom with this Free Digital Tool

By: Education World

The Knightlab at Northwestern University wants to help users tell better stories with the development of StoryMapJS, a free digital tool that "highlight[s] the locations of a series of events" with accompanying web resources.

This digital tool is of particular use for teachers who want to help their students better understand a narrative by having them actually create it. Stories are told traditionally with text-but are given dimension with the addition of images, videos, tweets . . .

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