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Colleges are Removing Hurdles for Students Seeking Counseling

Theresa Sullivan Barger/University Business

For the seventh straight year, the rate of students reporting they may harm themselves-and, in turn, who seek counseling-grew, according to a new report by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH). The majority of students' distress can be reduced to manageable levels within two to 10 sessions at campus counseling centers, but many students need longer-term treatment of 20 or more visits.

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Laptops and Phones in the Classroom: Yea, Nay or a Third Way?

By: Ana Kamenetz/nprEd

How should teachers - both K-12 and college - deal with the use of computers and phones by students in class?

On the one hand, those sleek little supercomputers promise to connect us to all human knowledge. On the other hand, they are also scientifically designed by some of the world's top geniuses to feel as compelling as oxygen.

So where does that leave teachers? Should you ban these devices in the classroom? Let students go whole hog? Or is there a happy medium?

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All the Ways You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

By: Chris Kaufman/How-To Geek

There are a few ways you can still get Windows 10 for free, without using a pirated license: you can install Windows 10 with a 7 or 8 key, or install Windows without a key-it will work just fine, save for a small watermark reminding you to purchase a license.

Here's how each of those methods work.

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