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What do the best college teachers do? The new semester is fast approaching, make STARLINK your resource to improve pedagogy and learn best practices/strategies to improve student success.

STARLINK is excited to announce its release of the following courses on September 1st:

  • What the Best Teachers Do, What the Best Students Do
  • Integrating the 4 Cs into Your Classroom
  • Featured webinar featuring Dr. Ken Bain "What the Best Teachers/Students Do

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"The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done." - Jean Piaget

Creating eLearning For Varying Learner Profiles: 5 Learners We All Know!

By: Arunima Majumdar

Some of us may believe that harping on the importance of "knowing your learners" is a statement of the obvious. However, the process of identifying and understanding learner profiles is often difficult and challenging - especially in the context of eLearning, where the learner proceeds in a self-paced manner and often in isolation. Knowing learners means more than merely acquiring social or administrative information. To maximize the effect of eLearning, we need to dig deeper than the superficial.

Today, research and experience in learning is revealing complex interplay of factors that influence a student's learning

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What Makes a Good Teacher?

By: Rob Jenkins

When I say "best teachers," I'm not just talking about the ones I liked best. I mean the teachers who had the greatest influence on me - the ones whose names I still remember to this day, even though in some cases it's been more than 40 years since I sat in their classrooms. They are people I've tried to emulate in my own teaching.

What made them good teachers?

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Google Forms Can Now Automatically Grade Quizzes Without an Add-on

By: Richard Byrne

For a long time Flubaroo has been one of my go-to recommendations for easy scoring of quizzes created in Google Forms. Today, Google made it easier than ever to have quizzes scored for you and to show students their scores. Now when you create a Google Form you can go into the Form settings and choose the quiz option

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