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How Faculty Can Improve Final Exams

By: Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez

Many colleges are now gearing up for one of the most stressful times of the year. No, not March Madness, but final exams. Over the years, The Chronicle has published reams of advice on how to improve, conduct, and cope with this all-important moment in the academic calendar.

From abolishing finals to combating cheating, here are highlights from our most popular finals-themed advice columns as well as perspectives shared by seasoned instructors:

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Motivating Today's College Students

By: Ian Crone and Kathy MacKay

With an early December wind chill topping out at eleven degrees and the setting sun quickly fading behind the carillon of our campus chapel, it may seem like a strange time to contemplate student motivation on our small Midwestern campus of Elmhurst College. Yet, as we observe the initiative, dedication, and persistence of the eight undergraduate students who have spent the past three hours lining our campus walkways with one thousand luminaries, we wonder why these students are so dedicated and others are not. At a time in the academic year when most students' motivation for learning and involvement has shifted from inquisitive exploration to exhausted survival,

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Using Windows? Beware: This New Tech Support Scam

By: Dave Parrack

There's a new tech support scam doing the rounds, and this one fools users into thinking their computer has crashed. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the issue, and has detailed how to identify the scam, and then remove the resulting malware from your PC.

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