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Welcome back to Spring semester! Now that you are settling in, let's get your professional development skills sharpened.

STARLINK Professional Development Training is offering three new courses this month:

  • "A Practical Guide to Developing Professionalism, Interpersonal Communication, and Conflict Orientation Skills," hosted by Dr. Christina Hubbard of North Texas Community College Consortium (NTCCC)
  • "Flipping the Classroom"
  • Our monthly webinar copresented with the NUTN Network, "Elements of Accessibility in Online Courses."

STARLINK is continually adding more courses, webinars, teaching tips, and learning paths to its eLibrary - featuring over 200 hours of on demand professional development training.

We look forward to seeing you online!

"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach." - Aristotle
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Calling on Students by Name in a Large Class

By: Andrea Novicki

Dr. Canelas clearly enjoys her students and teaching. So how and why would she put her students on the spot by calling on them at random to answer questions in her 100+ person chemistry class? She discussed her techniques during a session at our 2015 Center for Instructional Technology Showcase.

First, she sets the students expectations and establishes a "we're all in this together" attitude from the beginning of the course. She begins by calling on students by name, asking them what their plans

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Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class

By: James M. Lang

4 quick ways to shift students' attention from life's distractions to your course content

When I teach my writing course on creative nonfiction, we spend a lot of time analyzing the opening lines of great writers. I work frequently with students on their opening words, sentences, and paragraphs. In that very short space, I explain to them, most readers will decide whether or not to continue reading the rest of your essay. If you can't grab and hold their attention with your opening, you are likely to lose them before they get to your hard-won insights 10 paragraphs later.

The same principle, I would argue, holds true in teaching a college course. The opening five minutes offer us a rich opportunity to capture the attention of students and prepare them for learning.

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What Higher Education Can Learn from Fitbit

By: Fredrick Singer

Today, technology is allowing us to capture unprecedented data on our daily activities. Wearables like Fitbit track movement, calories burned-even sleep. GPS enabled mobile devices capture my car's every turn. The Internet of Things helps us understand temperature preferences to optimize energy consumption at home. In each case, widespread broadband access coupled with the explosion of mobile computing is making it easy to measure activities that were, historically, almost impossible to capture.

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