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Just Like Starting Over: Advice for Faculty to Make the New Semester's Teaching Endure

By: Jay A. Halfond

Sometimes when passing through a classroom building, I glance in at a class in session and try to gauge by students' faces whether the instructor has them engaged or not. Through their facial expressions, you can see whether they are caught up in the class or struggling not to drift away in their thoughts or electronic devices. Faculty often think of their job as transmitting knowledge, from their brains into those of the students, as if content were just concrete matter being passed along. Filling a bucket, to paraphrase W. B. Yeats, rather than lighting a fire. The relationship between the teacher and student is a subtle one-won or lost at the onset of the semester.

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Reaching 'New Majority' Students

By: Kasia Kovacs

College students today are increasingly different from those of previous generations. They are less likely to be white and more likely to be the first in their families to go to college. Professors who would like to guide these first-generation college students in adjusting to higher education may come across their own challenges. Communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds can become a barrier unto itself.

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10 Most-Needed Higher Education Apps for 2017

By: Meris Stansbury

New list of recently added or dramatically updated higher education apps are geared to both campus staff and students and allow for functionalities needed next year and beyond.

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