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"The best teachers are those that show you where to look but don't tell you what to see."
- Alexandra K. Trenfor
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Softening Claims of the Marshmallow Test

Greg Toppo/Inside Higher ED

Stanford University's famous "marshmallow test," that adorable assessment of willpower that has fascinated educators and social scientists for decades, may not necessarily hold the key to prosperity, health and happiness, new research suggests.

Instead of simply bolstering young people's abilities to resist temptation, the research finds, adults may need to consider deeper interventions -- such as helping mothers earn college degrees, improving parenting skills and home environments and, well, pulling children out of poverty.

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Tapping into the Military Identity to Serve Veterans More Effectively

By: Shalina Chatlani/EducationDIVE

A new analysis from Civitas Learning shows that many students are dropping out of their colleges despite having earned the majority of the credits they need for their degrees.

Institution leaders are all too aware that the student population has become increasingly diverse, and they've become accustomed to the phrase, "serving the needs of nontraditional students." But almost ironically, this emphasis has lumped myriad types of individuals into the nontraditional category - which higher education stakeholders are realizing is counterproductive to their ability to develop best practices around recruiting and retaining enrollees.

And, military-affiliated students are no exception to this.

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6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018

By: Jennifer Gonzalez /Cult of Pedagogy


With this tool, you can basically take any page on the Internet and turn it into a lesson. Suppose you find a great article from The Guardian that you'd like students to read, but you'd also like to ask them a few questions about it, add a bit of commentary of your own, and insert a related video. With InsertLearning, you can do all of that right on the article.

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