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Frame Your Feedback: Making Peer Review Work in Class

By: Christina Moore

We often hear that peer review is an excellent opportunity for reciprocal student learning. In theory, this makes sense. Since an instructor can only dedicate a certain amount of attention to each student, peer review allows students to receive more feedback and engage more frequently in the content they are learning. Research shows this benefits both the students who receive and provide feedback.

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Should College Kids be Told to Just Grow Up?

By: Robi Ludwig, Psy.D.

I was recently asked to do some psychological commentary about college kids. I had to focus on their apparent over sensitivity and inability to tolerate unpopular opinions; especially when these opinions were considered "politically incorrect". The host asked me, "Should college kids simply be told to just grow up?"

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10 Seconds at a Time, a Teacher Tries Snapchat to Engage Students

By: Jacquie Lee

What's the first step of learning?

Paying attention.

Which may be hard for students to do when they're constantly peeking at their phones. So, as the adage goes: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

One app that teachers are embracing is Snapchat. That's the one where you send a video or picture, and then it disappears 10 seconds after you open it.

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