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Here we are, the start of summer vacation. On the contrary, it is time for college faculty to produce research, catch up on professional development, and even attend conferences.

STARLINK can help. We are releasing the next batch of courses:

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"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives." - Clay P. Bedford

Small Changes in Teaching: Making Connections

By: James M. Lang

Small connections between course material and everyday life pop up all the time, in almost any course I teach in my field. That probably happens regularly to you, too, both with your classes and your research projects. When we are deeply embedded in our intellectual pursuits, the world seems to orient itself around them. New connections form continually. Reading the news, watching our screens, talking with peers or our children - all of those things become moments of potential connections with our disciplinary passions.

That phenomenon, according to research in teaching and learning, is what separates you (an expert in your field) from your students (novice learners in your field).

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Improving Student Advisement Through Collaboration

By: Erin Landers

Community colleges throughout the United States serve students from a variety of backgrounds. Many of these students need assistance to successfully navigate the course enrollment and financial aid processes, and to complete their chosen degree or certification programs. Strong academic advisement is essential to students' abilities to navigate course requirements, financial aid requirements, and degree expectations.

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Survey Says: Google Releases New Slides 'Q&A' Polling Feature, Laser Point, and Updates to Classroom

By: Mary Jo Madda

Google's released a slew of goodies, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week-and EdSurge got the inside scoop on all the details.

For fans of Google Slides, here's an announcement that's right up your alley-specifically because you won't have to hack "polling" your presentation listeners with a third-party tool anymore.

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