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Technology is ever changing. As educators, we are constantly adopting and learning to embrace new technological pedagogies and software. STARLINK recognizes these concerns and is proud to present our newest program, "Strategic Technologies for Higher Education".

In addition, our November line-up features the following:

  • Overcoming Test Anxiety
  • Featured webinar: A Conversation about Technology and Accessibility

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"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important." -Bill Gates

The Tech-Enabled Scholar

By: Carl Straumsheim

Technology is changing all aspects of life in academe, from how instructors teach to the way they connect with their peers and conduct and publish their research. But many of those changes are not yet complete -- they are still betas, experiments and pilots. Meanwhile, higher education's traditional functions of teaching, research and service remain.

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Ten Emerging Technologies for Higher Education

By: Stanley Ahalt, PhD, and Karamarie Fecho, PhD

Today's colleges and universities face numerous challenges, with rising tuition costs and pressures for educational reform.Numerous technologies are emerging that aim, in part, to address these challenges.Herein, we provide an overview of 10 technologies and approaches that have the potential to improve higher education and enhance student learning and achievement;

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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Special Characters in Windows 10

By: Kerry Gallagher & Ross Cooper

Your Windows mobile device doesn't have a numeric keypad, so how do you type characters like em dashes or bullets without having to open Word or Character Map

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