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STARLINK is proud to present our releases for October! We took the newest global trend in education, Open Educational Resources (OER), and shared the best practices, challenges, and resources. We didn't stop there. We took OER a step further and explored real-life and future applications.

In addition, our October line-up features the following:

  • Creating Engaging Lessons Online
  • Featured webinar: "Open Educational Resources", presented by Gary Abernethy, Lumen

Don't forget about our hundreds of other courses. We look forward to seeing you online!

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited." - Plutarch

Why Educators Have to Blog

By: Tracy Collins

Educators are quick to tell students about the benefits of blogging, but slow to embrace them personally. Part of this is simply the immense work load educators take on these days but part of it is also the rut in which many educators find themselves in regards to approaching their work - and their students. Many educators understand that blogging can help nurture relationships with fellow education professionals and reach out to students academically but too many think the benefits stop there.

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The Teacher's Guide to Open Educational Resources

By: Nicole Comforto

You've probably heard about Open Educational Resources and maybe even used some in your classroom. But the world of OERs is growing constantly, with more quality resources available every day. If you aren't taking advantage of them yet, now is a great time to take a closer look.

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Should I Download That App? A Ten-Question Checklist for Choosing Tools Worth Your-and Your Students'-Time

By: Kerry Gallagher & Ross Cooper

Many educators are playing the student engagement game. They wonder, "How can I get my students excited to learn? How can I ensure they will not get distracted easily?" Since tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones have become commonplace in classrooms, the easy answer is to find a new shiny tech tool.

Let's be honest-flashy, colorful, unique apps will hook your students, but not usually for long. Is this emphasis (or overemphasis) on apps the right way for students to experience learning? Will their attention hold in the long-term?

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