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Engaging Non-Traditional Students with (Mobile-Compatible) Microlearning

By: Peggy Semingson | Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Texas at Arlington/The evoLLLution

I teach entirely online at a university, The University of Texas at Arlington, which is in the process of expanding online learning opportunities for students, including non-traditional, diverse learners. One approach that is useful for non-traditional students is to make use of a relatively new concept called microlearning.

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Study: 8 New Skills College Students Say They Need to Succeed

By: Meris Stansbury/eSchool News

One of the defining elements of the knowledge economy is communication. Whether that means communicating upward, downward, inside or outside organizations-almost everyone in the organization needs to do it.

This year for the first time ever, the MIT Sloan School of Management Communications Group polled its incoming MBA students to gauge what communication looks like within organizations today, and also to gauge what skills the next generation of managers hope to master.

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Software Helps Instructors Stop Mangling Hard-to-Pronounce Student Names

By: Tina Nazerian/EdSurge

When Tresor Brill enters a classroom for the first time at the start of each semester, she knows what to expect: readings, class discussions, homework-and the professor mispronouncing her name (which should be pronounced "tray"-"soar").

Brill, an English major starting her senior year at Rice University, says hearing her name butchered by the professor is not exactly insulting, but it does cause discomfort.

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