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Welcome Back! Let's make Fall the semester of success! STARLINK can help. We believe that through listening, encouragement, leading by example and giving students a sense of belonging and community, we can help them achieve their dreams. With that said, we hit a grand-slam with our new release, “What the Best College Students Do”, with Dr. Ken Bain.

Dr. Bain identifies the key attitudes that distinguishes the best college students from their peers.

In addition, please be sure to check out our other September releases:

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Wishing you all the very best for a productive and rewarding fall semester. We look forward to seeing you online!

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -William Butler Yeats

Learning Success: The Convergence Of Assessment, Student Success, And Career Readiness

By: Troy Markowitz/Forbes

Let's all agree on one thing right from the onset: the ultimate goal of education - regardless of whether one is a university administrator, educator, learner, or yes, even an employer - is student success. Now, while what that might mean may differ somewhat from segment to segment, anecdotally it's safe to assume that if students fail to achieve success, none of these groups will benefit from the resulting failure.

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Imperatives to Enhance Transferability and Access from Community Colleges to Universities

By: Vistasp Karbhari, President, The University of Texas at Arlington/The Evolllution

Although there are more than 12 million students currently enrolled in community colleges across the US, a very small percentage will complete an associate's degree and an even smaller number will complete their baccalaureate degrees although a significant percentage state this to be their goal at the outset of their academic journey. One has to question why it appears to be so difficult to complete a path that should be fairly straightforward.

In fairness to both systems it is important to acknowledge the differences between them.

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This app will correct your grammar and spelling as you go

By: Team Commerce/Mashable

The internet may have made our written communications more casual, but it's safe to say that spelling and grammar still matter. A well-written text or email can express greater confidence, more sincere concern, and stalwart professionalism in a way that slapdash, typo-ridden messages don't.

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