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  • 8 Secrets of Career Success, presented by Don Fraser
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  • How to Deliver 5 Key Skills for Workforce Development in the 21st Century, presented by Bob Wiele
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Also, we are releasing our September line-up of courses:

  • Online Learning: Strategies, Rubrics, and Best Practices
  • What Key Factors Influence Test Performance?
  • How Do I Use Controversial Issues to Build Cognitive Skills in My Students?
  • How Can the Three C's of Course Design Enhance Students Online Performance?
  • Trends and Issues: Hardware & Software, Security, Digital Citizenship, and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."
- Albert Einstein
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How One College is Raising Part-Time Student Retention

Autumn A. Arnett/EducationDIVE

Bunker Hill Community College has added a new twist in its approach to learning communities: Officials are focusing their efforts on part-time students. Leaders are working to give part-time students more elements of a traditional college experience to help boost low retention rates among the population, according to an article published by the Center for American Progress.

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Article 2 image

5 Ed Tech Trends Redefine the Connected Campus

By: David Hutchins/EdTech

In the business sector, forward-thinking companies are embracing digital transformation, an integrated strategy to leverage connected devices - and the data they generate - to drive efficiency, customer engagement and revenue. Their experiences preview some of the innovations that will likely hit campus as these trends make their way to higher education.

What is emerging as the "connected campus" varies from institution to institution, but the one constant is technology: tools and solutions that facilitate and transform learning and collaboration.

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3 EDTECH Companies That are Transforming Education

By: Matthew Lynch/The Tech Edvocate

Technology has greatly impacted the way we do things-from how we shop for basic necessities to how we conduct business with people around the world. It's no wonder that technology has altered education, too. Every day, technology innovations transform the way people learn and how educators teach. In the last few years, the edtech field has attracted a lot of talented people, all with excellent knowledge bases and ideas.

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