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The Most Important Factor in a College Student's Success

By: Dominic Barton

All around the country right now, college students are moving into dorm rooms and beginning classes for the new academic year - but a distressingly high proportion of these students will not make it all the way through to get their degree.

Though the number of Americans enrolling in college continues to grow, graduation rates remain distressingly low. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, just 59% of full-time students seeking a bachelor's degree in 2006 had graduated by 2012.

We worked with a large Southern state university system on a study pointing to a new way of identifying students who are most likely to drop out. The findings can help higher education officials get a much clearer picture of which students need support and how best to provide it.

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What is Your Teaching Style? 5 Effective Teaching Methods for Your Classroom

By: Eric Gill

No two teachers are alike, and any teacher with classroom teaching experience will agree that their style of teaching is uniquely their own. An effective teaching style engages students in the learning process and helps them develop critical thinking skills. Traditional teaching styles have evolved with the advent of differentiated instruction, prompting teachers to adjust their styles toward students' learning needs.

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By Far the Best iPad Browser for EDU

By: TJ Houston

While writing my previous article about DotEpub, I stumbled upon the best web browser I have seen so far on IOS. Yes, even better than Diigo's Ichromy, which I praised in a previous article. I am SUPER psyched about iCab because of all of the features that will help me as an administrator, a teacher, as well as my personal musings.

iCab was recently released into the App Store. If you read my previous post on iChromy, this has all of those features (tabbed browsing, save bookmarks to other services, and share to social network features) plus about 50 other cool plugins. Even better is the fact that it not only works on the iPad but it also works on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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