The STARR Report: September 2020
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Site Operations Amid COVID
By Sites - For Sites
Sept. 18th at 3PM ET / Noon PT
The STARR Coalition is hosting an OPEN-FORUM discussion via Zoom for sites to discuss how everyone is dealing with COVID-impacted site operations. We would love for you to join us – please let us know if you are interested in participating so we can be sure to send you the calendar invite.
Featured STARR Certified Sites
Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR) conducts Phase I (first-in-human) through Phase IV clinical trials in Psychiatry and Neurology and other medical indications. Our 200-bed inpatient facility is unparalleled as a private clinical research setting, providing full service medical research, from top-ranked participant recruitment through ultra-secure biorepository storage and medical record keeping, and everything in between, all at a state-of-the-art open-source facility. allowing for faster start-up and unencumbered high quality execution.
CBH Health has conducted over 350 clinical trials at their state-of-the-art research facilities located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Over the years, CBH Health has developed numerous relationships with patient referral sources throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and focuses on facilitating clinical trials in patient populations and maintaining a strong research subject database. Specializing in Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders for more than 26 years, CBH Health works with individuals with psychiatric illnesses in the greater DC-Baltimore metro area.
Research Centers of America (RCA) has extensive experience with inpatient and outpatient clinical trials, ranging from pediatric to geriatric populations, with special emphasis on Phase I-III mental health and Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, substance use disorders, and sleep studies.

The RCA clinical team has built a solid reputation over the years by dedicating ourselves to be a truly exceptional, first-in-class, independently owned and operated clinical research site - which consistently sets us apart from the standard.
Are you STARR Certified?
We recognize that mental health clinical research is a particularly challenging area within research so we’ve brought together stakeholders from pharma, CRO’s, and sites to identify some obstacles and challenges unique to CNS research.

The STARR Site Certification is a result of these conversations.

The main reason to be STARR Certified is to be part of a network of stakeholders that are employing standardized best practices within their organizations and are advancing mental health clinical research by:

  • cultivating community engagement;
  • promoting research as an option for all;
  • strengthening communication between research site staff and patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups;
  • sharing their expertise with fellow sites within the STARR community.

Everything The STARR Coalition does comes from our stakeholders looking to make positive change. 
Welcome our new Advocacy Partners!
The American Brain Coalition (ABC) is a non-profit umbrella organization working to reduce the burden of brain disorders. We raise awareness about the cause, impact, and consequences of neurologic, including psychiatric, disorders in society through education and advocacy on cutting edge developments in brain research. The ABC uniquely unites the knowledge and resources of patients and families, researchers, clinicians, universities, government agencies, and private corporations. The result is a collective voice serving our 100+ member organizations’ individual, but complementary, missions. For more information, visit
The Quell Foundation strives to reduce the number of suicides, overdoses and the incarceration of people with mental health illness. We work to accomplish this by encouraging people to share their stories, increasing access to mental health services, providing a pipeline of future mental health care professionals with scholarships, and training first responders to recognize mental health crisis warning signs amongst their own. Visit the website for more information:
Latest STARR Coalition Podcasts
Marsha Rodgers, formerly Executive Director of NAMI Dallas, works at Pillar Clinical Research, building the relationships between advocacy, those living with mental health disorders, and clinical research.

In this podcast, Marsha talks about how sites can develop strong relationships within the community and overcome a lot of the stigma with good communication and education. Check out the 15-minute podcast HERE!
We need your help promoting this National Call to Action to Support
Mental Health Research!
The STARR Coalition is partnering with thought-leaders across the industry and advocacy to create a National Call-to-Action to support mental health research. We are working on a campaign consisting of actionable items anyone can use to help bring mental health research into the same light as cancer or heart disease.

We plan on launching this Call to Action in January, 2021, at which time, we will need your help promoting this initiative. We'll follow up with ways that you can help build awareness. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like more information, please let us know!
Support = Success!
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