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28 Jan 2022
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STARRS Honors Martin Luther King Jr
Each year on the third Monday of January America honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Click on the photo to watch his “I have a Dream” speech and contemplate whether he would support BLM, ANTIFA, CRT or today’s Woke/Progressive movement? Among other reasons why the nation so honors this civil rights leader,

Dr. King: 
    1. Hailed President Lincoln for the emancipation proclamation to free slaves from injustice;
    2. Praised the Declaration of Independence for establishing that "all men are created equal”;
    3. Longed for a time when sons of slaves and sons of slave owners could sit down together;
    4. Dreamed of a time when people were not judged by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character;
    5. Looked forward to a time when black boys and black girls would join hands with white boys and white girls as brothers and sisters;
    6. Wanted to transform the discourse of the nation into a symphony of brotherhood, to stand up for freedom together;
    7. Dreamed of an oasis of freedom and justice where back men and white men, Jews and gentiles, Protestants and Catholics would all join hands and sing the black spiritual “Free at Last, Free at Last!”

Click on this photo to watch his “I have a Dream” speech and decide for yourself whether you think he would support the BLM, ANTIFA, CRT or “woke” movements.
It’s Time for the Black Community to Embrace a
Post-Racial America

By Kendal Qualls, STARRS Board of Advisors
Originally published in The Federalist, Dec 27, 2021

Having lived in the Jim Crow South, my parents and grandparents would have loved to have grown up in the America I grew up in. A large percentage of the country has been operating in a post-racial America for many years. Across our nation, people have been interacting with each other with respect, dignity, and compassion regardless of race. They have been judging people by the content of their character.

But … in some respects, I feel as if we are living through a time like that of Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities,” of which he wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Why? Because we are bombarded with messages falsely claiming America is overflowing with systemic racism and white supremacists. How do we explain the differences in the realities on the ground and what we hear in the media?
Featured Articles
Why the Bill of Rights is the Opposite of Radicalism 
Bill of Rights Day was Dec 15th

By Jane Hampton Cook, STARRS Board of Advisors, Author of 10 books including
Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War
Radicalism is the second R in STARRS. Twitter's new CEO, declared that Twitter’s role is “not to be bound by the First Amendment.” Nikole Hannah-Jones (who spearheaded the 1619 Project), told NBC, “I don’t really understand this idea that parents should decide what’s being taught.” Are these examples of radicalism? Is the Bill of Rights the opposite of radicalism? What's the difference?
A Message from the STARRS
President and Board Chairman
Critical Race Theory (CRT) vs Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

By Rod Bishop, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret), STARRS President and Board Chairman
STARRS President, Lt Gen Rod Bishop (Ret), analyzes the use of the acronyms CRT and DEI and discusses how these neo-Marxist ideologies are infiltrating the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), a military academy supposed to be apolitical. Instead, terms that should characterize the American ideal have been redefined and contorted, and cadets are being indoctrinates with divisive, anti-American radical ideologies!
Pentagon’s Radical Battle Against Extremism
Report and Analysis on Countering Extremist 
Activity Within the DoD, Dec 2021

The Pentagon has been concerned about prohibiting and addressing extremist activities in the services since 1969. In the wake of the Capital riots of Jan 6, 2021, Secretary of Defense (SecDef) Austin directed a department-wide stand down to educate Department of Defense (DoD) personnel on the threat posed by extremist activity. In April, he directed the establishment of the Countering Extremist Activity Working Group (CEAWG) to implement urgent steps identified during the stand-down and develop additional recommendations. The report linked below describes the status of the SecDef’s four directed actions and the working group’s six additional actions. Other articles analyze the DoD’s directives resulting from the work of the CEAWG.
On page 8, the report says that there were less than 100 actionable incidents of extremism in the military. Considering the size of the active force at 2.4 million and the total force of 3.4 million a logical conclusion is that extremism within the ranks is rare! Thus, the question: Why is the SecDef placing such an apparently skewed emphasis on extremism?

One inference reasonably drawn might be that the CAEWG is pursuing an agenda not connected to actual extremism. An online search produces virtually no reporting on the alleged “less than 100 incidents of extremism,” further evidence that DOD leadership is focusing on a virtually nonexistent problem. A related concern is that the current administration and its Departments have unreasonably focused on those involved in January 6th's pro-Trump rallies in D.C., investigating anyone who attended and labeling them as “extremists”, regardless of whether they entered the Capitol, or whether they actually assaulted anyone or damaged property.

Meanwhile, the administration is ignoring other extremist activities. These include activities of groups like the neo-Marxist group BLM and the anarchists of ANTIFA, as well as radical-Islamic extremist activities. Apparently, these are being downplayed out of fear of being labeled as racist and/or non-inclusive. As we have described in previous newsletters when discussing anti-extremist training and the focus of on-going investigations, it can be argued that the administration arguably seems more interested in labeling and investigating political opposition in the name of extremism than opposing actual extremism in whatever form.
Active, Retired and DoD-Affiliated Civilians Speak Out About the "Dangers" Exposed on 1/6/2021
Retired Generals: The military must prepare
now for a 2024 insurrection 

Three retired generals inexplicably called for the US military to turn its planning against the citizenry on domestic soil in the name of stopping "insurrection" and “misinformation." Their premise is vastly more dangerous and anti-democratic than the events of 1/6 itself, causing concern about what groups and activities the administration considers “extremist” and what they may consider doing to defend against them.
Pride of Place: Re-conceptualizing Disinformation as the United StatesGreatest National Security Challenge

Four researchers affiliated with the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, published this article in the National Defense University Press on Nov 18, 2021. The article advances the distorted view that the out-of-control rally that overstepped the bounds of a peaceful rally was actually an “insurrection” largely fueled by a toxic combination of mis- and disinformation about American democratic institutions, processes, and elections. The authors contend the “insurrection” highlights how misguided mob power, energized by false information, can have devastating results.
STARRS Responds to the Three Retired Generals

By Rod Bishop, Ron Scott, & Mike Rose 
Published On-Line, Washington Examiner, Jan 2, 2022 02:55 PM

The Washington Post published an article on Dec. 17 titled "Opinion: 3 retired generals: The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection.” The authors, all retired U.S. Army generals, acted as a Praetorian Guard to protect the false, prevailing narrative about the Right posing a grave threat to our nation and its democracy.

The STARRS President, Executive VP and VP for Legal wrote an article discussing how the opinion piece was based on conjecture, innuendo, and outright fabrication. The Washington Post refused to publish the rebuttal because they said it was too controversial. The Washington Examiner agreed to publish it.
Military Officers: To Combat Disinformation,
the Government and Its Big Tech Buddies
Should Tell You What to Think

By John Lucas, Published in The Federalist, Dec 6, 2021

Mr. Lucas raises the alarm that the “Pride of Place” article adds to the concern about the on-going politicization of the military. He argues the article is itself misinformation and the fact that it “is published by military officers associated with two highly prestigious institutions (West Point’s Cyber Institute and the National Defense University (NDU)) makes it all the more inappropriate and dangerous.” He analyzes the article and the events of 1/6 while calling attention to the authors’ “advocating more government control over speech” that they regard as outside the mainstream or, as they put it, contrary to a desired “shared reality.”
STARRS Spotlight
Dennis Haugh, VP, Information Technology

Dennis Haugh volunteers his wide range of talents and knowledge to support STARRS as our Vice President of Information Technology. But he is much more than our coveted computer geek! During his career, he was instrumental in developing prominent projects for Lockheed Martin and NASA, such as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO); the Juno satellite orbiting Jupiter; and Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL), which maps the moon’s gravitational field. He was also the flight software lead on the Orion spacecraft. He now uses these skills to analyze the US system of government. He has appeared on several shows and been featured on several websites. He is also the author of three books.
Dennis Haugh Book Reviews
Pocket Guide to Communism
and The Foundations of Critical Race Theory

Review by STARRS member, Chris Jeffries, USAFA ‘87

One of the big challenges we face in the battle to keep racism and radicalism out of the US Military is understanding our enemies. Who are they? What do they believe? Why are they trying to radically change our services and our country? What are their goals? What are their methods?
The Road to Americanism: The Constitutional 
History of the United States

William Ramsey recently produced a podcast on spreaker.com, interviewing Dennis about the founding of America as discussed in this book.
Evidence of Indoctrination in the Military
AF Academy Offers Cadets Optional
Diversity and Inclusion Minor
Cadets at the Air Force Academy can now enroll in an optional diversity and inclusion minor offered at the school. All service academies offer cadets and midshipmen coursework in diversity areas, including women’s studies, African American studies, sociology and more.
Signature Block Pronouns Now Allowed for Airmen, Guardians

The Air Force’s writing guide, The Tongue and Quill, was recently updated to allow Airmen and Guardians to include their preferred pronouns as an option in official signature blocks. 
Washington Free Beacon Video Regarding Testimony of Joints Chief’s Nominee

President Biden’s Joint Chiefs nominee, ADM Christopher Grady, embraces “gender advisors” as “a way to attack a very significant issue” and implement “women, peace, and security” legislation.
USNA CRT/CP Smoking Gun Train the Trainers! 

By Phillip Keuhlen, Commander, USN (Ret), USNA ’71

The United States Naval Academy has been training its faculty in Critical Pedagogy and Critical Race Theory through materials posted on the academy’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CT&L) website and during CT&L hosted training sessions. The emphasis seems logical when you consider the Dean for CT&L includes this in her bio: "She has published extensively on pedagogy and faculty development as well as in the field of British Modernism and critical theory"
Boots on the Ground Perspectives
on Racism and Radicalism
"Where all this emphasis on DEI shows up is in selection of leadership positions in the cadet wing" is an exact quote from a third classman and confirmed by recent grads and even fourth classmen.

Cadets (multiple) have told us "I hear diversity, equity and inclusion so often I feel like I am continually being indoctrinated."

Cadets tell us "inclusion" just means--"either you go along with what we are telling you or you won't be included." "I just keep my head down and wait for this training to end.
Our Educational Mission in Action
STARRS CEO Interviewed on Secure Freedom Radio

Lt Gen Rod Bishop was interviewed by Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio on Jan 4. Frank interviews three people. The second guest, Dr Darren Beattie, is worth listening to as he discusses the “radical” issues concerning Jan 6, 2021. Lt Gen Rod Bishop is the third guest starting around 37:50.
STARRS Vice President and Board of Directors Vice-Chair, Dr. Ron Scott interviewed Elaine Donnelly, from the Center for Military Readiness (CMR). CMR’s mission is to advocate for and give a public voice to the concerns and opinions of service members who cannot speak out against the Pentagon’s political and social policies and how they are affecting morale, unit cohesion, military effectiveness and readiness. As Elaine explains, “What policy makers are doing here is creating problems that men and women in the military don’t need.”

Besides discussing the mission and operations of CMR, they discuss how DEI, CRT, lowering standards to be “more inclusive,” and other social justice policies are affecting morale, recruiting, retention, unity, trust, unit effectiveness and readiness. Additionally, they discuss how the military has been focusing on white supremacy and right-wing extremism since Jan 6, 2021, with no attention being given to left-wing extremists and other threats from “minorities” due to a fear of being seen as biased and racist. See the CMR website for more information on the organization.
Air Force Academy graduate and former US Space Force Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier was relieved of his squadron command for writing and promoting Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & The Unmaking of the American Military. Matt discusses how he identified the threat and discussed his concerns with his peers and superiors before and during the process of writing the book; most of whom shared his concerns. He warned of how political the service was getting and trends of illegal discrimination and unethical behavior. For this, he was fired for being politically partisan. He has no regrets about his actions that led to him separating from the military because he was doing the right thing to defend our country and constitution; and he still is.
Related Articles
Why Many of Our Troops will Needlessly
Die in the Next All-Out War

By Dave Chamberlin, The Havoc Journal, Jan 5, 2022
Dave Chamberlin has similar concerns regarding military readiness and warns that the lowering of standards and the exodus of high-quality service members who don’t want to put up with the current woke and social justice agenda of the Pentagon and federal government in general will likely result in countless needless deaths within the ranks if hostilities break out.

His job affords him the opportunity to talk to large numbers of military members from all service branches. As a retired AF Chief Master Sergeant with 38 years of service, he has their ear. One service member told Dave why he is leaving:

“An Air Force active-duty Master Sergeant, and he was telling me about an LOR (Letter of Reprimand) that he was given. As the story goes, he was teaching a class and asked a question. One student answered and he replied, “That’s exactly right, bud!” The next day he was called into the commander’s office and issued the LOR. Apparently, the male student was transitioning to female and was offended by being addressed as a male.”

Note: the MSgt was not aware the Airman was transitioning.
How Implementing Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion will Harm Readiness in the
Armed Forces and Fail to Solve Anything

By Brent Ramsey, STARRS Director at Large, CAPT, USN (Ret)
Published on CD Media, Jan 4, 2022
The keys to readiness, combat effectiveness, and victory over our potential enemies are a unified, motivated, skilled military team. That once mighty team is being dismantled piece by piece, day by day, inch by inch. It started with President Obama’s Executive Order 13583 issued on August 18, 2011, establishing a “Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce”. It was strongly reinforced and enhanced by E.O. 13985 issued by President Biden upon his inauguration. This new E.O. calls for advancing racial equity and support for underserved communities throughout the federal Government to strengthen the federal workforce by promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA). The article also documents in detail examples of CRT and DEI being implemented in the services, readiness problems being caused and analyzes cultural factors affecting some minority communities that are root causes of lack of opportunity for some, not racism.
Confidence in America’s Military
Falls for Third Year in a Row

By Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) staff, Dec 2, 2021
A yearly survey of officials, policymakers and other Defense Department stakeholders found that confidence in the U.S. military continues to drop, and that political leaders and the officers and generals leading the military are major factors in this decline.
CRT in the Community
Critical Race Theory Serves to Usher in
Communist Agenda in America

By Terri Wu and Jan Jekielek, The Epoch Times, Dec 5, 2021, updated Dec 7
Jamaican immigrant Dr Jason Hill argues Critical Race Theorists “want to first erase personal identity, then erase history, erase those codified values to usher in a new, what I would call, Marxist communist agenda in our society,” in an interview on Epoch TV’s American Thought Leaders. “When I came to this country, I promised that, in the name of the best within me, I would cultivate the American virtues of individualism and personal excellence and take advantage of the opportunities that lay before me.” In his view, as the 1964 Civil Rights Act became effective, American society entered an “age of post-oppression” because the legislation gave African Americans legal equality. Yet, black rage—not gratitude, nor a sense of relief—was an unexpected reaction for some to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
From Grad School to Kindergarten: How Critical
Race Theory Is Remaking a Connecticut School District

By Caroline Downey, National Review, Jul 16, 2021, 6:30AM
In cities and small towns, Kendi’s central thesis — that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination” — is taking root.
The suburban town of Guilford, CT is one such place. Here a progressive parents’ group is working with the school superintendent to introduce CRT in K-12. The group boasts a sleek, well-curated website that provides resources on bias and racism for educators to deploy in the classroom. The website explains in detail how nascent racism emerges in infants and then cements itself throughout the toddler and kindergarten stages.
BUT………There Is Some Good News!
New VA Governor Glenn Youngkin
Bans CRT/DEI in Schools
For months, the nation has watch videos of passionate Virginia parents speaking out against the teaching of divisive neo-Marixt ideologies, such as Critical Race Theory, in public schools. The voters heard their pleas and agreed with them at the ballot box. On day one, the new governor delivered on his campaign promise and issued Executive Order One, restoring excellence in education by ending the use of divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory, in public education.