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Pediatric First Aid & CPR - The 10th Federal Required Topic
In July, the instructors who are PQAS approved to offer First-Aid/CPR were notified that they need to instruct on pediatric/child focused curriculum and that “pediatric” or “child” needs to be in the title and/or the card or certificate for it to be accepted by DHS Certification. Make sure when you schedule your First Aid/CPR course your instructor is aware of this. Below is a list of the currently approved curriculum. If there is another curriculum you would like to have reviewed for approval, please send the information to pqas@pakeys.org .
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
American Safety & Health Institute
EMS Safety Council
Medic First Aid
National Safety Council
Tri-State Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid (Using AHA)
Family Fun Night - Shared Source PA

Build a stronger community and support each child’s success by connecting home and the classroom with a family fun night celebration. August’s Family Fun Month is a good time to use the tools on SharedSourcePA to start planning your family event today.  View Family Fun Night Resources
What is CLASS?

CLASS stands for CLassroom Assessment Scoring System. The interactions teachers have with children impact learning, development—even lifelong achievement. CLASS is the observation tool developed to assess these interactions: from infant care through 12th grade. Read more here.
2017 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Immunization Schedules
This is a friendly reminder that the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) immunization schedules for 2017 are available on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.  Please note that it is the responsibility of every child care facility operator to ensure compliance with the Department's regulations in regard to immunizations.
According to the Department's regulations, each child's health report must include a review of the child's immunized status according to recommendations of the ACIP (see 55 Pa. Code §§3270.131(d)(5), 3280.131(d)(5) and 3290.131(d)(5)). Additionally, the ACIP schedules provide information to providers in applying the requirements relating to retaining children who do not have timely immunizations (see 55 Pa. Code §§3270.131(e), 3280.131(e) and 3290.131(e)).
In addition, any exemption from immunizations must be documented according to the requirements listed in 55 Pa. Code §§3270.131(e)(2), 3280.131(e)(2) and 3290.131(e)(2).
The 2017 ACIP schedules are available online at the CDC website by following the links below. The schedules may be printed from the website.
For those interested in learning more about vaccines and immunizations, visit the CDC webpage on Vaccines & Immunizations .
STEM Calendars - Kim Alloway

What a busy time of year this is! As some our little ones are transitioning to new classrooms, teachers may be extra busy and planning may be more challenging. Don’t forget that there is a great resource out there for classrooms – The MSRK STEM calendars are available for both the Infant/Toddler population and the SACC population. If you already have one, make sure you share it with your colleagues. If you don’t have one, contact Kim Alloway or Rhea Simmons to get a copy. See the attachment for Septembers Infant Toddler page .
Finding Quality School Age Staff - Part 2 - Rhea Simmons

In the last article, there was a focus on making sure that your School Age Care applicants would be able to meet the most foundational requirements of the position regarding hours, transportation and pay. It is also required that the applicant meet minimum certification requirements based on qualifications and/or skill. But beyond these basics, you want to try to find someone that is a good fit for your program.
To find a good fit, you must look beyond qualifications to determine if the candidate’s attributes will align with your programs identity and philosophy. Many Fortune 500 companies approach hiring with the mindset of “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill”. In other words, they identify the qualities they desire in a candidate and look for those in potential employees. This means that during the interview, they ask questions that help them determine who the person is, rather than just finding out what they have done. Often they are looking for candidates that:

·         are open to learning and new ideas (coachable),
·         demonstrate the ability to connect with people (especially children),
·         and are able to work independently.

During the interview, present scenarios that would give insight on how they might handle different situations. Ask questions about their short or long term goals or what they are passionate about as the answers can provide clues to whether they are a good fit. Candidates that are into science or who are athletic can really round out a staff that is lacking in these areas even if they are not necessarily the most experienced. Also consider how your children might benefit by spending time with and learning from adults that do, and that don’t, look like them. 
Once you have found the right candidate, you will want to keep him/her. Setting your new employees up for success will be discussed next week.
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