Winter Quarter 2021

Happy New Year and Welcome to Winter Quarter 2021!

Welcome to UCSC, new Banana Slugs!
Get ready for a new year filled with events and opportunities to get involved on campus from the comfort of your home!

In this newsletter, you will find information about the different programs under STARS, our upcoming events, the various communities on campus, and resources that will be helpful throughout your time here at UCSC.

Though our office on campus remains closed for everyone's safety, our STARS Transition Mentors are available M-F (9am - 12pm & 3pm - 6 pm) to help your during this transitional period of remote learning. They can be reached at
Drop-in Peer Mentoring M-F (9am - 12:00pm & 3pm - 6pm)

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STARS Programs

STARS includes:Transfer students and Re-entry (25 or older, student parents, veterans)
We offer: advising, zoom peer-advising, Kresge 25 course, work opportunities, and many more! 

If you have any questions please contact us at: 

Veterans Program

VETS want to support, learn with, and learn from all who have served or been affiliated with the military through their educational journey. 

Please feel free to Contact: 
Julie Howell 
Renaissance Scholars

Includes foster youth, independent youth, those impacted to homelessness prior to attending UCSC, incarceration or physical and emotional abuse. 

Please feel free to Contact:

Underground Scholars Initiative

Supporting formerly incarcerated and system impacted students in the transition experience. USI aims to bridge the academic theoretical discourse of mass incarceration with one that is grounded in lived experiences of UCSC students.

Please contact us at:

Upcoming Events!
(Friday 1/8/21 @ 3-4pm)
Campus Resources
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
EOP gives support to first-generation, low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP provides an array of services including orientation, academic and personal advising, a book lending program, peer advising, tutorial assistance in specific subject and writing areas, and preparation for graduate and professional schools.

Location: 121 Academic Resources Center (ARC Center) Hours: M-F 9AM-6PM
Phone: (831) 459-2296
Career Center
The Career Center is here to prepare students for what they want to do with their lives by developing relevant career skills. This is done through exploring, preparing, and taking action toward your career goals!

Location:Bay Tree Building, Third Floor, Room 305
Phone: (831) 459-4420
Disability Resource Center (DRC)
The DRC program helps with equal educational access for students with disabilities. Our goals are to support retention and graduation of students with disabilities, promote a non-discriminatory campus environment and encourage student development and independence.

Location: 125 Hahn Student Services
Phone: (831) 459-2089
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS provides UCSC students with a wide range of mental health and wellness services. We also provide preventative outreach and consultation services to the UCSC community. Counseling services are available for any registered UCSC student and are confidential. There is no out-of-pocket fee for CAPS services, and you don't need UC SHIP or CruzCare to be seen at CAPS. New drop in services are advertised on the flyer to the right.

For more information contact:
Cowell Student Health Center, East Wing, 2nd floor
Phone: (831) 459-2628
Slug Support
The UCSC Slug Support Program was created to promote early intervention with students of concern to prevent culminating problems from escalating into a crisis. The goal of the Slug Support Program is to identify students of concern and develop an action plan focusing on retention through provision of support and resources.

If you are a student needing assistance, you may contact Slug Support directly by email:
Phone: 831-459-4446
Learning Support Services (LSS)
Learning Support Services (LSS) provides course-specific academic support services for all UCSC undergraduate students. LSS offers several academic support programs that focus on collaborative and interactive group work.

Location: ARC at 221 Academic Resource Center or at the LSS/HSI Cowell College Mobile Office #2
Phone: (831) 459-4333

Food Assistance,
courtesy of Slug Support 
Slug Support is able to refer remote students to pantries across the entire UC system and any pantries that are local to you!
E-gift cards to grocery stores may also be available!

Please contact Estefania Rodriguez - Slug Support Case Manager:
Clubs and Organizations at UCSC
Centro Americanos Unidos (CAU)
CAU is an uplifting space to educate ourselves and the larger UC Santa Cruz population about the uniqueness and diversity found within Central American and Latino/a cultures. C.A.U. promotes academic excellence, cultural empowerment, and mental wellness to our members. We invite anyone, regardless of ethnic/racial background to participate in solidifying our comunidad.

Instagram: @cau_ucsc
Beyond Dreams
Beyond Dreams is a student organization dedicated to encouraging, promoting, & supporting the retention of undocumented students, mixed-status families, and the immigrant community by creating safe and empowering spaces.

For more information contact:
Facebook: Beyond Dreams UCSC
Instagram: @scbeyonddreams
El Centro (Chicanx -Latinx Cultural Center
EL CENTRO offers a comfortable space for students who are eager to connect with Chicanx and Latinx student communities and gain awareness of the social, political, economic, historical, and cultural realities of Chicanx and Latinx populations.

Direct Line: 831-459-5608 
Instagram: @elcentro_ucsc
Underground Scholars Initiative @ UCSC
Underground Scholars Initiative at UC Santa Cruz supports formerly incarcerated and system impacted students in the transition experience. With a focus on recruitment, retention, advocacy and policy. We aim to bridge the popular academic theoretical discourse of mass incarceration with one that is grounded in the lived experiences of UCSC students and students from surrounding communities.

Instagram: @undergroundscholarsucsc
Please contact us at:
The AARCC provides a wide range of support, resources, and programs for students from the African diaspora at UCSC. We encourage and facilitate student involvement and success in campus life, student organizations, academic excellence, and community engagement. The center provides leadership training, conflict resolution, advisement, and advocacy for the diasporic community on campus.

Black Student Union
BSU works to mobilize Black students on campus and provide the Black community with a safe, educational, and healing space. BSU is charged with ensuring the well-being of the Black community by engaging in political issues that pertain to the Black community on campus and at-large.

Instagram: @ucscbsu
Student Union Assembly
Want to learn how to organize and advocate for real progressive change, learn the issues facing students today, gain skills that a classroom can’t provide?

UCSC’s student government organization is called the Student Union Assembly - the official voice of all undergraduate students.There are various paid opportunities within the SUA including remote internships and fellowships under elected student body officers.

Follow @ucscsua on Instagram!
The Asian American Pacific Islander Resource Center (AA/PIRC) established in 1999, provides and enhances opportunities for developing leadership, building a stronger sense of community on campus, and linking students to community service opportunities. Ultimately, AA/PIRC offers education and dialogue on issues affecting Asian American/Pacific Islanders toward addressing students’ multiple and diverse academic, social, cultural, and other co‐curricular needs. 

UCSC Renaissance Scholars Program

The Renaissance Scholars Program fosters leadership and empowers students; we assist them in becoming strong, independent scholars. Our community nurtures an academic and professional meliu, supporting the holistic growth of our students. The Renaissance Scholars Program is committed to fostering the professional and academic development of our community. In providing financial, personal, and communal support for independent students who have faced significant challenges or hardships.


For general inquiries, please contact

Research, Scholarships, and Opportunities
Join the SFAC Committee!
The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is currently recruiting for undergraduate representatives from the following colleges: College 9, Cowell, Stevenson, Rachel Carson, and Oakes. The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is an important, influential advisory group that focuses on budget allocations and use of student fees that support various campus services and programs. SFAC appointments are two year terms and committee members are paid a $500 quarterly stipend. Interested students apply through the Student Committee on Committee website - information is on the flyer.

Are you a student parent?
If so, STARS has some resources for you! We currently have access to some emergency basic needs funding (part of the CARES Act) and have been working with some student leaders to start an official student parent org on campus!

If you have any questions or would like more information on this, please contact Heather Willoughby ( or Jannet Ceja (
SCAIR Inc- Non profit Assisting individuals and families (Native American/Alaskan & Hawaiian)

SCAIR’s mission is to provide career, educational, cultural, mental health and emergency supportive services to Native Americans/Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and their families, living within urban and tribal communities throughout SCAIR’s diverse service region (Ventura, Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo Counties). At SCAIR, we work to assist our Participants in reaching personal and professional goals by overcoming individual barriers and challenges.
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