Did you know that the Region I START team covers 17 counties of Western New York? Eventually, START is expected to reach across all of New York State and, currently, Region II (covering Central New York, Broome and Sunmount) is awaiting START supports.

Even though a START team has not been established in Region II, there are people and systems in need of help. Appropriate referrals to START are for people who are 6 years of age or older, who are OPWDD eligible and who have a coexisting mental health or behavioral health concern that is causing stress within their system of care.

Based on one such referral, Region I START and Region III START are partnering to provide support! Region III START has offered tools such as regular outreach and crisis support. Region I START is exploring the use of a therapeutic Resource Center stay, including assessment by Clinical and Medical Directors. Both programs will bring components of the START model together to create an enhanced safety net and a higher quality of life.