Friday, May 17th started like any other day for START Coordinator, Jackie Turley, except for the plan to present for her START Coordinator Certification. This achievement is one that Jackie had worked on in her first year with the START program.

In order to ensure a high quality of support to teams who are working with people with dual diagnoses, all START clinical staff complete a rigorous training course, in addition to education and experience that was attained prior to joining the START team. START courses are taught by National experts and includes material such as mental health, developmental disability, and positive psychology. Knowledge is also applied in writing samples of Cross System’s Crisis Prevention and Intervention Plans and a Comprehensive Service Evaluation. Despite the intensity of this program, START staff integrate these activities with regular activities of START Coordination, which allows for practical experience and practice. Lastly, the clinician must demonstrate their understanding of the START model and an ability to educate others by presenting a case study to National reviewers for approval.

Receiving START Coordinator Certification is an impressive milestone and one that contributes towards a stronger START team. Congratulations to Jackie on her success!