Indiana Out-of-School Time Learning Advisory Board
Report and Recommendations
Exciting Progress for OST STEM Funding!

2018 Indiana Out-of-School Time Learning Advisory Board  Report and Recommendations

This summer, the Indiana Out-of-School Time Learning Advisory Board worked collaboratively to create a comprehensive report  to the Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Department of Education.

The Indiana Out-of-School Time (OST) Learning Advisory Board recommended that the Indiana General Assembly: 
  • Establish more funding streams to address the needs of Indiana youth and families and gaps in current programming offered throughout Indiana. 
  • The Indiana OST Advisory Board continue to exist in a modified form to support awareness of OST programs, advise the coordination of OST resources, and make recommendations on ways to expand access and quality of OST programming.
The Indiana Out-of-School-Time Learning Advisory Board (OST Board) was established by Senate Bill 251 (passed in the 2016 Session of the Indiana General Assembly). 

Did You Know?  
The Role of Out-of-School Programming in Advancing STEM Education in Indiana
The Indiana OST community is ready to expand its STEM programming and to work collaboratively with their school partners.  Read more about the Indiana STEM OST landscape in this white paper from the Indiana Afterschool Network including :
  • How Indiana has been a national leader in out-of-school STEM education
  • How the Indiana Afterschool Network is leading the effort toward greater integration of in-school/out-of-school STEM education
  • How quality STEM education has been a major focus in the Indiana out-of-school community

The Indiana STEM Six-Year Strategic Plan, developed by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) with the guidance of the Indiana STEM Advisory Council, guides the IDOE's vision of
ensuring all K-12 Indiana students graduate with critical thinking skills.

The objectives of this six-year strategic plan include:
  • Improving STEM instruction
  • Scaling evidence-based STEM curriculum in classrooms
  • Fostering early STEM career exposure


Call To Action!
  • LEARN more about the Indiana STEM plan at the official plan launch, to be held at the Indiana Statehouse on Friday, November 9 (10-11:30 a.m.).

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